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Team Qentelli

A Continuous Delivery Company, founded on Software Engineering as the core philosophy. Qentelli brings the best of the breed practices from Software Development and Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering and DevOps, thus ensuring higher quality applications at the velocity your business demands. Quality Intelligence™, Early Automation in the Application Lifecycle are at the heart of all of the services and we bring point solutions as value addition to our customers for an early and sustained ROI.

A reliable strategic model will inherently incorporate Key Performance

Value streams are thoughtfully devised combinations of sev

As President of a Digital Transformation Service Provider, every year p

From frequent-flier deals to we-miss-you discount deals, rewards progra

Value stream intelligence is an integral part of every agi

Agile is one of the commonly used Software Development methodologies fo

The world has transformed drastically ever since the pandemic struck.

Software innovation driving business value has been the main point of f

The great competition in the banking sector is always at the top level

The banking industry is extremely vulnerable to hacks and scams; fraud

The Economist report (2020) says nearly 59% of the participated bank ex

Robotic Process Automation is becoming popular among businesses looking

There is an increased demand for Test Automation strategy because softw

Today, important activities are still manual driven which can lead to i

7 years ago, Qentelli was a dream of two business leaders who wanted an

As an enterprise software leveraged by several companies for core busin

The advancements of AR/VR in Healthcare are redefining diagnosis, consu

What is Business Intelligence - Is it just about dumping all the data f

Travel expenses represent a significant part of every organization’s bu

There’s no argument that current Testing Tools are falling short of the

2021 was a self-fulfilling prophecy in what we have come to realize as

Organizations are jumping to Test Automation Framework to catch up with

The application of AI in Test Automation seems to be the most efficient

Relaxation of COVID Restrictions across the globe is providing an

The concept of Automation sounds very exciting, modern, realistic, and

High response time on a critical business transaction is always a night

With the rise of digitalization, data has become one of the most valued

For outmaneuvering current test automation solutions, Codeless Test Aut

The ‘journey towards Data Warehouse’ might look like a walk in the park

With the increased emphasis on AI in Banking, banking institutions are

Time Lag is every software team’s nightmare, and Service Virt

From remote working to online classes, cloud kitchens to financial tran

When given a bird’s-eye-view, RPA seems like a fairly simple process to

The advantages of building a long-term Rewards Program are immense.

With FinTech growing across industries, Banking as a Service is gaining

DevOps needs no introduction - It will not be an exaggeration if DevOps

In a world obsessed with Data, exercising some of the Business Intellig

In an age marked by blurring difference between Physical and Digit

The World Quality Report 2021-22 is out, offering key insights on the l

If you have been contemplating to getting started with RPA, welcome to

Are you a Digital Transformation (DX) enthusiast putting together a DX

Embedded finance is disrupting the financial world by reshaping financi

Two decades ago, when smartphones were in their infancy and the interne

It would be no news if we were to tell you that RPA has gained traction

Today, Microservices are one of the hottest trends in the Applicat

Software development is unavoidable for any industry as it helps compan

"Can Data Lake investments illuminate the future of digital businesses?

If at any point through the business lifecycle you have brought digital

As we move towards digital economy, we are facing a looming threat of c

While whole world has been fighting with corona outbreak, IT profession

RPA tools reduce labor costs and mitigates human errors.

Recently online shopping pattern has become a shooting trend.

Digital commerce means trading online using digital money for the trans

Even though DevOps is a mainstream technology for achieving agility, or

An excellent Retail Loyalty Program shapes customer satisfaction and lo

As I started writing this piece, I talked to Software Engineers and Dev

In the age of Internet of Things, any business where the results of one

Over the past few years, Disruption has become a very powerful term to

Even though banks were equipped with technologies and gradually embraci

While we talk about Digital Transformation and its future scope in the

All the businesses that survive and thrive have one thing in common: th

Automation is an integral part to help organizations move the needle fr

Software Quality is usually defined by a set of parameters, some of the

If you are here to read this article, it would be safe for us to assume

As more and more businesses move to Agile methods of software developme

Netflix, Uber, Apple, Amazon, Airbnb – you name it, and if they have ma

As per a report, almost 90% of software projects will be following DevS

Continuous Deployment (CD) is an automated software process, that enabl

Mobile applications have become an essential part of everyone’s lives.&

We get that by now, you are aware of the term “Containers” due to its p

Microservice is not something new and has been in the market for a long

Digitalizing a business that offers traditional Banking and Finance Ser

Digital Transformation, also known as DT (and at times as DX), is the a

If you here reading this then you must be aware of the transition of so

The software development industry has always chosen its path of evoluti

A friendly user interface has a lot of behind the scenes.

Although Banking seems to go through a phase of unprecedented innovatio

Continuous integration is a software development practice that is gener

User Story mapping is a visual exercise carried out by team members, pr

There is a constant debate around the Distributed DevOps model.

Contract testing has been around the same time as that of microservices

Irrespective of the industry vertical, Digital Presence is an essential

There had been substantial improvements in Enterprise Resource Planning

DevOps has turned into more than just development and

Artificial Intelligence is taking almost every industry by storm.

A good Test Automation Strategy is crucial for enabling collaboration a

Calling 2020 an unusual year would be a significant understatement.

The software world is moving at extremely high speed with Agile and Dev

The customer’s needs and priorities are changing.

Today we are excited to announce that Qentelli made it to Deloitte’s No

SMEs are utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as DevOps, Automation

A product roadmap visualizes and communicates the product plan includin

DevOps has come a long way from ‘it’s the code’ or ‘it’s the environmen

Most development teams today use some flavor of DevOps to accelerate th

My first article in the series talked about establishing Product Vision

Digital Economy represents a departure from traditional service busines

We recently talked about how Test Automation and Robotic Process Automa

Brands these days are bending backward to make their customer stay inte

At Qentelli, we work with clients in different stages of Digital Transf

The term ‘Agile Software Development’ is easily misapprehended in nomen

Customer expectations have never been higher - In today’s times, nearly

In one of our previous articles, we have discussed how

As the expansion of DevOps into DevSecOps shifts into higher gear, CISO

A few years back, CIOs needed to convince their board and other leaders

Back during the early days of manufacturing, industrial plants were dep

The world is surging through a deadly pandemic, COVID19 which has opene

We are in "The Innovation Economy," where continuous and sustainable in

The widespread disruption driven by economic, consumer and competitor f

COVID-19, an unexpected pandemic crisis hit the world hard, leaving eve

Qentelli is known for transforming businesses – Technical, Organization

The chaos, fatalities and fight against COVID-19 have intensified acros

Enterprises are advancing in their digital mandates, digitizing operati

CI/CD is a method to frequently deliver apps to customers by introducin

As global companies strive to push business transformation through digi

While the future with smart technologies look exciting, yet at the back

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) interacts with the existing IT infrast

“Fast, good or cheap, pick two.” This is what the “Iron Triangle,” some

Every engineering industry including Manufacturing are moving towards A

Technology is powerful than ever before, bringing new revenue streams f

It’s no surprise that cloud adoption continues to be on the rise with s

Over the past few years, we have seen organizations of every size and i

‘Software is eating the world’ said Marc Andreessen, a confidant of glo

Quality Engineering is now being realized as a key driver in Business v

Every Organization today is embarking on a DevOps Initiative to acceler

One of the key actions we do regularly with each of our customers and i

Microservices have been gaining traction across industries and are pois

Smart Contracts are one of the most popular applications of Blockchain

At Qentelli, we work with different clients for their Digital Transform

Over the last few decades, the art and craft of Software Development ha

With the ever-increasing complexity of the modern applications, it is n

Customers are obsessed about connecting everything on their devices – B

As the number and complexity of applications being deployed on the clou

We are living in the times where a popular business existing for over t

DevOps started as part of the agile movement and making great strides s

In the digital age, applications are the primary mode of consumption fo

These days organizations are grabbing headlines about how fast they are

Considering the demand for rapidity from modern applications, embracing

From the beginning, Qentelli has been laser-focused in achieving busine

Over time, software development has changed the dynamics of businesses

Once left out of business conversations, the role of CIOs or IT leaders

Once left out of business conversations, the role of CIOs or IT leaders

The technology industry is stronger and dynamic than ever, thanks to Am

AI is one such technology that can be applied to every business process

Businesses are in the continuous flux of providing perpetual applicatio

Enterprises are on their path to embrace digital technologies to keep p

In the world of software, Continuous Delivery is one such developm

Businesses have realized that seamless digital experiences are less of

Companies are marching towards digital transformation with lightning pa

If you ask CIOs or even CEOs what keeps them up at night, chances are t

Many businesses are currently struggling to implement and effectively i

About a year ago, we had finished off our new year 16 blog with a promi

Test Automation today has become an integral part in any QA teams’ arse

Software testing has always been crucial and has gained more importance

The DevOps Journey: Organizations implementing DevOps

A global networking company was facing many challenges with its Salesfo

The Holiday season is a great time for family and friends; I am spendin

Ready to Ship words on a cardboard box to illustrate a product or goods

Enterprises want to innovate at faster pace, to match expectations from

Security and Compliance in the world of everything “Continuous” can be

Companies are adopting DevOps at lightning speed, but they are faced wi

DevOps is not the new black anymore and having a DevOps team has&n

Why Organizations fail with their DevOps? Quality and

Travel is a competitive industry, especially when you get to booking an

The two formulae that led the physicists understand the beyond and have

There was a time in the not too distant past when IT Leaders said, “Oh Yes, we have the toolset f

The two formulae that led the physicists understand the beyond and have

Metrics is a very delicate subject at most enterprises I have worked wi

So, like everyone, I waited all through the off season, kept up with mo

One of the major tasks today for IT teams globally is to deliver at a s

There are many ways to DevOps but one thing is certain as indicated in

Today, the end user landscape has evolved demanding enterprises to adap

Giving customers a good online checkout experience can be the differenc

My passion for Formula 1 originates from one man named Michael Schumach

In a fast paced environment, it is very important to have Continuous De

We are excited to finally formally launch what has been in the works fo

Dear DevOps, How are you?

JCPenny, Kohls, Macy’s and Sears go head to head for Web Perfor

DevOps has seen a lot of success stories, on the contrary DevSecOps has