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Trusted ACCELQ Consulting Partner 

Empower your organization with cutting-edge Test Automation Solutions. As a trusted ACCELQ partner, we specialize in delivering accelerated quality assurance through AI-powered codeless test automation.

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Accelerate Time-to-Market


Eliminate the bottlenecks of traditional scripting. Codeless automation empowers your teams to build and execute tests at lightning speed, getting your products to market faster.

Democratize Testing

Democratize Testing

Break down the barriers between developers and testers. Codeless platforms like ACCELQ enable anyone on your team to participate in creating and maintaining tests, fostering a culture of quality.

Improved Accuracy

Improved Accuracy

Minimize human error and enhance test reliability with AI-powered self-healing and intelligent test execution.

Cost-effective Quality Assurance


Say goodbye to expensive scripting resources and maintenance overhead. Codeless automation streamlines your testing process, saving you valuable time and money.

Future-ready Scalability


With its AI-powered capabilities and flexible design, ACCELQ empowers you to handle increasing test complexity and volume without compromising speed or efficiency.

Adapt to Change

Adapt to Change

Codeless tests are inherently more adaptable to changes in your application, reducing the maintenance burden and ensuring your tests stay up-to-date.

Why Choose Qentelli? 

  • Trusted
    Trusted partner of ACCELQ with a team of seasoned codeless automation experts

  • Expert
    Expert and tailored Test Strategies that align with your unique application landscape

  • Seamless
    Seamless integration of ACCELQ into your existing ecosystem ensures a smooth transition

  • Reduced
    Reduced Maintenance Effort with its intelligent adaptability

  • Test seamlessly
    Test seamlessly Across UI, API, Mobile, and Desktop

  • Achieve
    Achieve Reliable Testing with Self-Healing Automation

  • 360° Support
    360° Support - From initial stages to final deployment and beyond to ensure a seamless testing experience

Experience the power of AI-driven


Experience the power of AI-driven test automation, elevating software quality to new heights. Transform your QA processes with ACCELQ's codeless platform, redefining efficiency and accelerating time-to-market.

ACCELQ Services: Accelerating Test Automation & Quality Assurance 

Qentelli is a trusted leader in quality engineering, empowering organizations to streamline testing processes, enhance software quality, and accelerate time-to-market.

Codeless Test Automation

Codeless Test Automation

Designing, implementing, and maintaining ACCELQ test suites to mirror real-world user interactions and scenarios for comprehensive coverage.

change impact analysis

Change Impact Analysis

Mitigate risks during software changes with Qentelli's analysis, identifying conflicts, dependencies, and areas for regression testing.

performance and load testing

Performance and Load Testing

Optimize application speed, responsiveness, and stability under various loads with Qentelli's testing services, monitoring response time and throughput.

data integration testing

Data Integrity Testing

Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability with Qentelli's testing, verifying data values conform to expected format, range, and type

Cross-Platform Testing

Cross-Platform Testing

Leverage ACCELQ's powerful capabilities to perform rigorous testing across web, mobile, desktop, and API platforms, ensuring consistent user experience.


Seamless CI/CD Integration

Optimize ACCELQ tests to integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipelines, enabling faster development cycles and more frequent releases.


Tailored ACCELQ Solutions

Crafting bespoke ACCELQ testing solutions to cater to specific requirements, including designing unique test scenarios, and creating custom reports

ACCELQ Insights

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Experience the Power of Codeless Test Automation with Qentelli's ACCELQ Expertise.

Partner with Qentelli for comprehensive ACCELQ services that streamline testing, elevate software quality, and accelerate your release cycles.


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