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Technology for Humans
Humans for Technology Humans

Qentelli came into existence because of two technocrats who questioned and re-defined every aspect of IT sweatshops that doesn’t have ‘human’ in its center. With the same intent and motive, the organization never misses at an opportunity to serve the fellow humans in need. From assembling an automated roti maker for a rural children welfare house to supplying monthly essentials to daily wage workers in the time of global pandemic - every initiative by Qentelli has a deep thought, honest intention, and an attempt to not just aid a little help but to eliminate the problem with a sustainable solution.

April 2023

Building Brighter Futures by
Empowering Education

We believe that the initial years of a child’s life are imperative to set the tone for their future. This is why we have endeavoured to lay a foundation for their future. Our aim is to fulfil the fundamental needs of hygiene, food, and infrastructure that is integral for a student’s holistic growth.

- Sanjay Jupudi

The school which serves 250+ students from primary to 5th grade, seemed underfunded and lacked basic amenities such as clean drinking water, functional computer labs, sanitary facilities, and well-trained staff. With limited resources and dried up funds during the pandemic, the condition of the school worsened. The water purifiers were rusted, bathrooms were dilapidated, books in the library had become unusable, there was lack of staff, and the computer room had turned into a storage space, destroying the existing machines. These conditions were not conducive to a good education and that’s why we decided to do our best to provide the young kids with the right infrastructure that can support their mental growth.

June 2021

Defeating pandemic with unity

We all are truly in this together. No one should have to fight alone for life in these times.

- Sanjay Jupudi

As Covid 19 is spreading waves of fear across the globe, Sanjay Jupudi, Prasanna Singaraju, and their close associates decided to stand by their mother land in these difficult times. There are many lower- and middle-class families in India who are struggling to get emergency medical attention as there is scarcity of medical and life-support equipment. Qleaders have joined hands with Indian Medical Association (IMA) and procured medical equipment to hospitals which are committed to offer treatment to unprivileged Covid19 patients.

This page is operated and closely monitored by Qleaders, funds of which are used to support the needy in desperate times.


Sneakers to underprivileged students

Happiness is not having a lot. Happiness is giving a lot.

- Sanjay Jupudi

K.I.N.G. Assistance is a non-profit organization that provides new shoes to disadvantaged children that come from low-income families. Around 70% of the 153,000+ students in the Dallas ISD are considered disadvantaged.

We are happy to support the K.I.N.G. Assistance Corp. in their mission to provide new sneakers to these kids and bring smiles on their faces.


Automation solution to fight hunger

Empowering those who have the heart to serve other people is the right way of using our resources

- Prasanna Singaraju

As good deeds travel miles, Qentelli was approached by tribal school from Gandulwad, Thane, Mumbai. The school is supporting 400 children by giving them accommodation and education with No NGO, no government support.

The school organizer are facing challenge to provide healthy and complete meals to these underprivileged tribal children. A child’s growth is incomplete without healthy meals. As soon as Qentelli leaders learned about it, they have procured and installed an automated roti maker that can make tens of rotis every minute. With this new tool in hand, the organizer can now ensure the kids have access to fresh and healthy food in time.


Essentials in a time of need 2.0

No one has ever become poor by giving

- Jennifer Innes

As more social and economic struggles caused by the global medical emergency are slowly unveiling one by one, we had to extend support to more families. So, with the help of local NGOs and a few friendly associates, we managed to distribute food essentials and groceries to few more hundreds of families in Mumbai, India. These are families whose livelihood is daily wage works, which are desisted with an uncertain intermission.


Essentials in a time of need 1.0

There is nothing greater than being able to lighten the burden of others in a helpless situation

- Rashi Srivastava

The global pandemic shook the low- and middle-class families worldwide. Those who has to earn daily wages suddenly became unemployed. Along with the other welfare initiatives, Qentelli decided to supply food essentials for 600+ families in Mumbai, India. For this initiative, Qentelli took support of a local NGO, Anna Lakshmi Foundation to oversee the distribution.

JAN 2020

Warm hands - Qentelli X Nirmaan

We make a living with what we get. But we make a life with what we give

- Jennifer Innes

As winters of Hyderabad touched lowest records of the last decade, Qentelli joined hands with a local non-profit welfare organization Nirmaan. We have procured and distributed sweaters for 285 girl children and female students who are living at the welfare home and studying. The distribution event took place at WDCW facility, Hyderabad in presence of Smt. Satyavathy Rathod, Hon’ble Women and Children Welfare Minister of Telangana state.

APRIL 2019

Equipping the next generation to win the digital world

We make a lot of investments but the investments we get to make in shaping the future generation are the most valuable ones

- Prasanna Singaraju

There is a small municipal school in Mumbai educating over 1600 pupils. A non-profit organization noticed that the children are not able to learn about computers due to lack of resources and brought it to the attention of Q leaders. Without any further ado, an empty hall in Shahaji Nagar School, Mankhurd turned into a well-equipped computer lab with brand new machines.

Those 1600 students can learn right and grow smart.

MARCH 2019

Helping Rural India Fight Blindness

The socioeconomic impact of blindness among the people below poverty line is devastating. So, we choose it as our first area of focus in our mission to give back to the society.

- Prasanna Singaraju

The WHO-NPCB (National Program for Control of Blindness) survey has shown that there are over 12 million blind people in India and 80.01% of these are blind due to cataract. Awareness and costs of surgery are foremost challenges in combating cataract-induced blindness. Qentelli has associated with Jupudi Surya Krishna Charitable Foundation Trust and helped over 250 people in defeating blindness by sponsoring their surgeries.