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Turning Bits and Bytes into
Business Value

Introducing Orchestrated Engineering to transform businesses into highly performing enterprises.

Qentelli is praised to be the first technology firm to focus on Continuous Delivery through Orchestrated Engineering. From digitally transforming the time-honored corporate giants to streamlining and strengthening the endeavors of digital natives, the capabilities of our collective efforts stretch a long way. Having innovation at the heart of the business culture, Qentelli makes the most of Quality Intelligence, Quality Engineering, and DevOps practices to transform businesses digitally and strategically. 

Qentelli is formed with an objective to make Intelligent Quality Engineering a reality to deliver future-ready applications that can serve the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity expected from today’s businesses. We serve globally from our offices in USA, Canada and India.


The strongest pillar of our establishment


An inseparable part of every Qentellect’s lifestyle


Our Center of Excellence


An ‘innovate or die’ attitude


A promise in everything we do and deliver


A foundation of trust and values

Our Vision & Mission


Be the World’s best Technology company


Achieve Business Assurance Goals through Engineering Assurance


Transform Applications by applying the Core Principles the Software was built on


Build a culture that supports Qentellects - our employees, who provide exceptional service to our customers


Bring Real-time and absolute visibility into the technology and its operations as it progresses through each stage of the lifecycle

Our Founders

Sanjay Jupudi


Sanjay Jupudi

Sanjay Jupudi is the President and Founder of Qentelli with more than 15 years of experience in product development, product implementation and IT consulting spanning Europe, Americas and Asia.

In his previous assignment, Sanjay played key role in transforming a startup with around 100K turnover into a leading independent testing services company clocking over 100 Million.

Prior to this, Sanjay was a technical architect, designing and implementing complex telecom billing and business support systems in the US. Sanjay spent over eight years in Europe and US. He has worked as an expert in implementing complex telecom billing solutions at Amdocs, a worldwide market leader in the telecommunications software marketplace.

Sanjay earned his Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication from Madras University and resides in Dallas, TX.

Prasanna Singaraju is the Co-Founder and CEO at Qentelli. Previously, Prasanna served as the Vice President of the Enterprise Solutions Group at an independent testing services giant. He spearheaded the North American division of ESG and was responsible for building custom solutions for the modern enterprise.

With over 12 years in the industry, Prasanna is a Thought Leader in Quality Engineering having helped several enterprises adopt QE, DevOps, innovative solutions to harness the power of Big Data, continuous integration and continuous delivery across the application stack, including web, mobile and packaged.

Prasanna's core philosophy that Business Assurance is driven by Quality Assurance has ensured a bridged gap between Business and IT Service Delivery teams through evangelization of unique and pragmatic solutions that yield early and sustained business value.

Prasanna Singaraju


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Join Qentelli to spend every day delivering the new and better engineering solutions to help businesses achieve ‘true digital’ phase. And, we are looking for people like you to make it happen!