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Revitalizing Internal Communications during the Global Lockdown

Qentelli is known for transforming businesses – Technical, Organizational, Digital as well as Operational. A lesser-known fact is, not just fostering transformations for the clients, we re-invent ourselves every now and then. The recent studies say global businesses can’t survive doing just one thing, so does the global teams. That very notion drives innovation across Qentelli. Contrary to a popular belief we, the Marketing team doesn’t consider bragging as the prime activity. Rather, we believe in the power of communications, two-way traffic of information. The collective team responsibilities can be classified into 2 parts – External and Internal Communications. And we’ve found the lock-down as an opportunity to help our organization step into an all-digital mode of communications.

Effects of lock-down and social distancing on the organizational culture:


We certainly did grow stronger together. Qentelli has always been an ambassador of a flat hierarchical collaborative workplace that thrives for employee participation. In simple words, every improvement of Qentelli is more employee-centric than client-centric. For example, the global innovation center in India is a spacious premise set up in a prominent IT park filled with collaboration spaces more than typical workstations. 400+ Qentellects that work from there are used to having a huge community around them to work with, brainstorm every idea, get feedback, and most importantly, having their work superiors just around the corner to guide them and facilitate. Even though they are free to work from any remote location whenever they need, that had never been forced on them. Due to these unforeseen events since the last few weeks, we have no choice but to temporarily move to a complete work-from-home environment within 3 days. Though we are technically equipped to migrate to a telecommuting model, it took a lot of psychological adjustment to move to isolation. Marketing, IT, Human Resources and Management brought their forces together to reinvent all the communication channels.


Every employee, especially the ones who work in IT may have hundreds of questions when times like these arise. Is it going to lead to a recession? Will it change the technology usage? Will my skills be relevant? Am I going to lose the job? A true employee-centric company will never let their teams suffer in dilemma. We ensured the platforms for Management to address all the employees and their concerns. That helped employees stay motivated and do their best ever work. Our recent stats of employee productivity metrics show it all.


It is not easy to move from round table discussions to a video conference overnight. But with choosing the right tools that give near-real-life experience, we made it possible. Social life is an important aspect of everyone’s life. When we are refrained from having one, it is important to compensate for the effect through these virtual tools.


There are myriads of news tabloids and blogs talking about COVID 19 and the destructions it is causing across the globe. Often it may confuse and panic people to come across different sets of information which is unfortunately not reliable all the time. We made sure all the employees have access to reliable updates about the pandemic. We went to such far measures that we actually used one of our home-grown Engineering Dashboard TED to fetch data from various sources, validate it through reliable networks and present it.

We’ve created a COVID info pack that consists of detailed precautions, symptoms, and actions to follow if infected. An illustrated work-from-home kit was made immediately so people who never practiced remote working will be able to cope up. We took the right measures to keep the office premises disinfected while we are all away. Letting employees know it improved their sense of confidence and courage.


Qentelli is all about its people. We meet often in and big groups for various reasons ranging from discussing ideas to celebrate occasions. It was important for us to keep it going so we didn’t cancel any event rather virtualized all of them. From our regular Learning & development programs to inter-team webinars and the organization-wide All-Hands Meet.

There are constant efforts to engage every employee during these tough times and keep them stimulated. We’ve organized online quiz, shared screenshots of virtual team meetings in our Global Communication groups, encouraged employees to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill and talk about it. Kept our Q-community groups live so they can actively participate in everything that can be digitally arranged. Our leaders always ask our clients, ‘Give us your toughest problem and watch us simplify it’. These are the toughest times and we keep no stone unturned to simplify and add life to it.