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10 things You Must Do for Better Digital Customer Experience (CX) – Part 2
10 things You Must Do for Better Digital Customer Experience (CX) – Part 2

In the first section of this two-part article, we looked at the first five must-dos for organizations looking to provide unmatched customer experience. In this section, we will explore the next set of must-dos for organizations to build better Digital Customer Experience.

6. Define CX Metrics– As per Forrester’s CX Index, 72% companies want to improve CX, but less than 1% can deliver or delivering an excellent experience. Tracking wrong metric is one of the reason, companies cannot quantify their efforts into business gains.  

Defining CX metrics is a must-do for companies to improve their CX. The most common tracked CX metrics are Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Churn rate, Retention rate, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) or Customer Effort Score (CES).

Does your organization need to track all of them? Depends, because every business is different. There are no standard metrics that will work for every organization in every industry. Customer feedback paired with digital channel usage and performance will give a holistic view of customer journey, enabling continuous improvement in digital experience.

So how do organizations select CX metrics apt for them? Select a metric that helps understand financial health and performance of business, shows employee engagement around new initiatives of Digital Experience, and communicates how more or fewer customers are engaged.

7. Continuous Improvement and Transformation– Experience economy wants brands to be on the toes all the time. This makes Continuous Improvement and Transformation part of daily business meetings. Even the most innovative companies like Netflix and Amazon are surprising customers with new features.

The latest feature of Netflix about Choose Your Own Adventure-type ending for some series shows how the streaming giant is evolving to engage customers with the platform. Before this feature, there hasn’t been a lot of engagement for customers apart from viewing. The feature of ‘choosing your own end’ also act as input to customize shows and improve recommendation engine based on viewers’ interests and personality traits determined by analysing how they choose their ending.

Continuous improvement and transformation result from continuous experiment, trying something new and if it does not work, go back to the drawing board for a fresh start. Agile technologies we discussed earlier to build modern apps give freedom to release something new, and if something goes wrong, roll-back to the previous most stable state. The best digital experience providing companies have continuous transformation as the lifeblood of innovation.

8. Employ Automation– Customers choose channels based on convenience and today ‘Digital’ is the most convenient channel. Automation of CX channels and mediums is receiving high interest from all the industries. Some common examples of using automation for CX are–

  1. Call centers use customer-telephony integration (CTI) to automate phone calls routing
  2. Website chatbots to engage with customers or sales lead.
  3. Automation of self-checkout options by online retailers
  4. Automation of banking functions using banking apps
  5. Using marketing automation tools for customer acquisition and retention

Automation can improve experiences on every digital touch point of the brand. Automation also helps companies in identifying issues and their priority, based on which they can allocate human manpower. Imagine a customer is facing a simple issue of login or checking his bank balance over the weekend, is it right for brands to keep him waiting till the next working day or is it ideal to just send him an automated message with the required details? This allows customers to get the solution and organizations can save on time and resources with automation.

9. Invest in current talent– Imagine, a frustrated customer shares his experience on twitter with the brand’s handle, receives an automated reply to share necessary details over Direct Message. Someone from the customer service gets in touch with him and he had to repeat the same issue all over again, the call then gets transferred to other executive. Even with the best of technologies and automation, the scenario is not unlikely for most of the brands.

Organizations must practice new rules of the CX game. CX has moved from transactional to relational experience altering the basics of CX. While organizations have to undergo complete cultural transformation, it becomes important for customer-facing employees to understand all digital channels and digital journeys of customers. Organizations can implement internal portal to train employees on new digital technologies and how to use them on a day-to-day basis for providing better CX.

10.Capture and act on employee feedback– Comcast’s “Elevation Process” is a great and practical example on how companies should take and act on employee feedback. No one knows your culture, product, services and even customers better than your employees.

Comcast carried out employee-driven exercise to transform the CX. The company invested in creating a learning system called “Elevations Process”. The system enables all the employees to identify issues interfering with providing great CX, and plausible solutions to solve them. The process combined–employee listening, machine learning systems, and an analytics tool for prioritizing the most important issues and best ideas.

The process promoted cross-functional dialogs across geographies improving conversations in the organization. These helped executives to determine issues based on severity and priority and allocate resources accordingly.

The most successful companies already embedded customer and employee feedback in their business operations. This practice is helping them in empowering employees focused on CX and produce new customer value faster.

Organizations can start initiatives of recognizing individual who set an example of providing amazing CX–either by serving customers better or providing a solution for any significant customer challenge.

Putting it all together

Organizations implementing these ten must-dos in their Digital CX plan are well on the path to deliver an unmatched experience. But there’s one thing to remember, the real work starts when organizations implement and continue to improve their strategies to drive customer centricity.

Happy CX-ing!