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'QA Orchestration Is The Way Ahead,' Says World Quality Report
'QA Orchestration Is The Way Ahead,' Says World Quality Report

The World Quality Report 2021-22 is out, offering key insights on the latest Quality Assurance and Testing trends. These trends are – QA Orchestration in Agile and DevOps, Test Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Test Environment Management and Test Data Management, and Intelligent Industry.

Qentelli is the market leader in providing value for each of these trends including QA Orchestration and Intelligent Test Automation. But don’t just take our word for it. Further, we are ready to address all your Automation challenges in our latest push to drive organizations towards being QE Driven. Find out how Qentelli will leapfrog your Quality Engineering function to secure your organization in today’s ‘Quality-First and Quality-Last’ environment.

This blog will highlight each trend from the World Quality Report 2021-22 and how Qentelli specifically can help.

Without further ado, let’s get started –

QA Orchestration in Agile and DevOps

As per the World Quality Report, 2021-22, “General progress is being made in these development environments, and there is a clearer focus than ever on the importance of business outcomes.”

Qentelli has been an early proponent of the QA Orchestration idea. We have successfully implemented QA Orchestration in Agile and DevOps for many of our clients. Our Co-Founder and CDO, Prasanna Singaraju has authored a book on Orchestrated Engineering. This shows Qentelli has been a front-runner in bringing the power of Orchestration to complex business systems and services – setting up repeatable and automated processes for interconnected systems to automate software delivery. Qentelli’s Orchestration practices extend beyond the applications and include automating IT environments – on-premises and cloud to support end-to-end application delivery.

QA Orchestration is synchronizing all developmental and testing activities to function continuously and monitoring the real-time performance. Our approach towards QA Orchestration helps in synchronizing various workflows across multiple dependent applications both on-premises and in the cloud.


Test Automation

As the report says, “There are signs that organizations feel test automation is still improving the process of testing rather than its outcomes, but they are keen as ever to achieve more, and they are developing strategies and skills to get themselves there.”

Qentelli recognizes that digital transformation has enabled the mindset where Quality is a shared responsibility along with rapid software delivery. Organizations own the quality of their applications and understand the inherent risks if the quality is not met.

Our Quality Engineering services enable our clients to scale their business offerings across markets and provide the best customer experience. Amid rapid digital transformation, the right test-automation approach helps businesses make a difference. There are numerous ways that companies adapt to foster the approach in their organizations. They are:

  • Prefer quality over quantity
  • Provide domain and client-specific knowledge to testers
  • Employ appropriate testing tools
  • In Sprint Automation
  • Automate Everything

ROI of a Software Testing Partnership

Test Automation to Strengthen the Quality, Speed & Security

Qentelli has partnered with an International power network platform for Executives to drive their QE Transformation where we automated their testing efforts and enabled a one-stop dashboard to drive real time intelligence.


Reduction in manual efforts within 2 months


Automation Achieved


Improvement in Test Coverage

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

The report says, “Smart Technologies in QA and testing are no longer in the future - they're arriving. Confidence is high, plans are robust, and skills and toolkits are being developed.” 

At Qentelli, we have always believed that AI and ML should strengthen their human counterparts and not replace them. It is extremely gratifying to see the software industry moving towards it. 

Digital Transformation is accelerating software delivery and enabling new applications while not compromising on the quality. We are early adopters of Intelligent Quality Engineering and have a dedicated Innovation hub for researching the application of AI and ML in Software Quality Assurance and Testing. We have vast experience in testing applications for web, mobile, desktop, and cloud environments. Our competence in application testing extends into engineering intelligent applications in the most efficient way possible. 

Test Environment Management and Test Data Management 

The World Quality Report 2021-22 says, “Progress has been slow but steady, particularly in the shift of test environments to the cloud. We've seen a growing ability to spin up test data and test environments on-demand, and in general, organizations seem happy with their rate of progress.” 

Our Quality Engineering services go beyond the traditional testing services model of aggregating testing resources to augment clients’ current testing team. We focus on achieving desired business outcomes aided by Cloud technologies, Infrastructure Automation, and Test Data Compliance and Management.

At Qentelli, we follow the best practices to manage multiple test environments based on project requirements. Our streamlined approach untangles the management of test environments by planning and analyzing test environments, using infrastructure code practices, and managing bug lifecycle, and most importantly enabling robust communication between testing teams and stakeholders.  

Intelligent Industry 

The World Quality Report 2021-22 mentions, “Organizations are keen to achieve the digital transformation in the physical world and to realize the obvious benefits including efficiency, quality, flexibility, and improved customer experience. To get there, they recognize they are going to need management buy-in and to get that in turn, they're going to need to demonstrate feasibility.”

This is the first time the World Quality Report has dedicated a section to Intelligent Industry. And we are not surprised – Due to pandemic, Digital Transformation has accelerated, and leaders are thinking ahead now.

The way businesses are changing will require them to work with multiple technologies building Intelligent businesses. Qentelli is at the forefront of developing a next-generation testing strategy with an acute focus on these aspects – Test Data Intelligence, Testing Infrastructure, Intelligent Automation, People, and Culture.  

The Future of Quality Engineering 

As the entire concept of digitalization is now driven by technologies like AI, ML, AR, IoT, and other transformational technologies, there is a constant need to test these technologies for quality, compliance, security, and performance. This is not possible unless testing functions do not make investments in similar technologies. Orchestrated Test Automation cycles, Multi-Experience Testing Cycle, User Experience, Testing Automation, Blockchain Tests are few trends that will drive the future of Quality Engineering.  

Qentelli understands the software quality and testing landscape and ties them back to deliver the business outcomes. Our expertise provides the confidence businesses need to lead their Digital Transformation initiatives. We’re equipped with the right people and technologies to help businesses deliver quality applications while balancing the trio of cost, time, and efforts. Reimagine your Quality Engineering practices with Qentelli. Mail us at