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RueLaLa Brings Fashion to you FASTEST in the industry?

Giving customers a good online checkout experience can be the difference that beats out your competitors. In this second Retail Report, Qentelli measured four of the top online retail companies and put them head to head to see which customers have been receiving the fastest complete experience overall.

Rue La La, THE OUTNET, Gilt and Hautelook were rated by measuring their Home Page Load Time, Search Response Time, Time on Task and Task Completion Rates. What does that mean? Which site is giving consumers the best bang for their buck and winning over the competition?

Overall, Rue La La gave users the best overall experience. See how other fared in the detailed results below:

Category Winners

Overall Winner- Rue La La

Home Page Load Time- Rue La La (3.41 seconds)

Search Response Time-  THE OUTNET (26.47 seconds)

Time on Task- Rue La La (40.03 seconds)

Task Completion Rates- All sites performed 100% except for Gilt

Here are our four top takeaways from the second of our retail series:  

  1. Rue La La took its place as overall winner due to its low page size and number of requests peaking at 39.
  2. To improve page load time, reduce the number of components to enhance Real User Experience.
  3. Quick search turnaround time and minimum third party components contribute to a better user experience overall to achieve maximum ROI for retailers.
  4. Image and media files should be implemented and compliance to RFC guidelines must be ensured to enhance the user experience.

How do we test all the sites (Methodology)?

All tests were conducted using Qentelli’s RUX framework that contains a proprietary wrapper around tools such as Selenium, Qentelli Fast- Framework for automated Software Testing. All data is stored in a custom Database and an algorithm based Rules engine is applied to measure the KPI’s. 

For more information, please contact us on how we can help deliver an optimal user experience quickly, efficiently and with continuous delivery.

Disclaimer: This report represents real user experience and is for informational purposed only. All the data was collected on Amazon cloud under similar conditions for all the websites.