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How DevOps is Driving Digital Transformation Initiatives
How DevOps is Driving Digital Transformation Initiatives

Companies are marching towards digital transformation with lightning pace, the reason being there’s no single business where customers don’t surf, swipe or click their way to interact with businesses in the world of application economy. This requires a pressing need to innovate faster, making innovations available for customers at a faster speed and stay ahead of the competition. There’s no second thought involved in the fact that business success largely depends on accelerating application performance without compromising on quality and performance. Thus, business success of Digital Transformation Initiatives is directly proportional to their maturity in digital transformation journey.

The need for speed puts both developers and operations team under pressure to build world-class applications providing better user experience and operations fixate on providing stable production environments.

This article outlines how DevOps can help companies in driving their digital transformation initiatives.

DevOps and Digital Transformation Initiatives

Digital transformation is about building applications across platforms and aligned with business needs to innovate fast and receive faster feedback from both business and end users and releasing applications at a fast pace. This is where DevOps comes in, to help companies accentuate their digital transformation activities by building continuous delivery, deployment, monitoring, and testing practices.

DevOps helps organizations to approach digital transformation from a business perspective to increase bottom line, improve customer experience and lower operation costs. This helps in getting development and operations team at the same platform to have an end to end visibility about the developments, deployments, production fixes, bugs, handling environments, managing releases, unlike the traditional application development practices. This enables planned releases and faster communication to act on production defects, code issues and application performance issues caused unanticipated application downtimes and rollbacks.

DevOps requires automation of all activities that are redundant, and automation can take care of them. Some of them are release management such as code analysis, continuous build, integration, and testing. This saves a lot of time for both development and IT teams in firefighting and brings a significant process change in tackling errors, rolling out features, enable faster feedback cycles with continuous monitoring and testing practices. This is because of less human intervention and more of automation being introduced with the DevOps tools and technologies.

DevOps enables faster feedback cycles imperative to expedite digital transformation initiatives by acting fast on the feedbacks received from business users and customers. Continuous improvement with DevOps is required to catapult the firm’s digital transformation journey and receiving a precise response within the right time frame is paramount.

The Qentelli Way to accelerate digital transformation

Many companies are struggling to realize the direct connection in implementing DevOps and digital transformation journey. The direct relation exists as if businesses are not innovating fast, still running on manual processes of testing, hand-offs, deploying production environments, the entire digital transformation journey will go for a toss.

Qentelli has worked with many organizations across the globe in baking and retail sectors to accelerate their digital transformation exercises and helping them outpace the innovation.

The Qentelli way can be summarized as below -

  • Quality Engineering – CI/CD, Early Automated Testing and DevOps
  • Quality Intelligence – Metrics and Analytics to understand the trends and further to Predict Quality
  • Quality Assurance – Functional, Non-Functional and Business Process Testing

Qentelli has a suite of accelerators that provide advantage to digital transformation initiatives by collecting data from various data sources and derive actionable insights to improve processes, provide predictions for incidents and auto-healing broken processes.

Our tools provide enterprise level test automation with DevOps first approach helping organizations to expedite their digital journey by testing fast, increase their test automation coverage and improves return on investment.

About Qentelli

Headquartered in Dallas, TX with global delivery teams in India, Qentelli is an Industry Thought Leader in Quality Engineering, Automated Testing and Continuous Delivery. With high performing engineering teams working in the dedicated Innovation Group, Qentelli brings design thinking to address complex business problems and enables Continuous Delivery across Enterprise IT through automation for its global customers.