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Qentelli - A Continuous Delivery Company!
Qentelli - A Continuous Delivery Company!

About a year ago, we had finished off our new year 16 blog with a promise to Simplify Complex and Innovate in Software Engineering. The year 2016 saw just that happen at Qentelli. Oh, what a year it was!

6 Patents, 8 Unique products that simplified over a dozen complex, critical issues through well crafted and engineered solutions comprising a little over 50,000 lines of code, powered by 8000 mugs of coffee.

We (more than) doubled our service delivery team and quadrupled our innovation team for additional horsepower for that engine to run on turbo mode. Trust me, we couldn’t have asked for a better team. It is one big happy family. Oh and we topped the year off with couple of interviews with a leading industry analysts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and CT.

AI – it has been close to our hearts at Qentelli. It is something that excites a great deal by the sheer potential it brings. We will formally launch a tool built on Machine learning, deep learning and adaptive intelligence for automated remediation within the DevOps CD value chain. This is something that is going to change the way continuous testing, monitoring and feedback happen in the CD world. 

Oh Yes! We Did!

January is going to be filled with exciting stuff from us , beginning with Product Launches, additions to our over growing team and a whole lot more.

Here’s to the promise of another exciting year in engineering innovation and the Qentelli Way!