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Increase and Act on your Social Media Intelligence
Increase and Act on your Social Media Intelligence

Over time, software development has changed the dynamics of businesses and touched up the way they serve their customers. It’s been over five decades and the techniques we use to build applications are being reinvented time-to-time to make it more efficient, fast and smart. From Waterfall Methodologies to enhanced Prototyping models to Unified processes, and today we are practicing scaled Agile, and extreme Lean paradigm to aid the ever-growing industry needs.

According to Statista, during 2018, Android and Apple App store users have 2.1 Million and 2 Million apps respectively to choose from1. Consumers have access to a wide range of options. Whenever you release an application or a feature it is not only being used but also being judged and reviewed.

How about a place where THEY talk a lot?

There are hardly any businesses that are not into online marketing. They say - ‘Advertise at a place where your customers spend most of their time’. But is it only a place for Marketers to promote the business? The leading consumer insights firms are saying the future of Social Media Intelligence is not only for marketing but there is something for everyone in the whole enterprise. Social Media offers a huge advantage that traditional marketing can’t compete. Utilized well, it can let enterprises take well-informed decisions, shape the business more customer-centric and can place you ahead of competitors. If it still doesn’t ring a bell, I am talking about Analytics.

But there are myriads of social media platforms available and the number is only increasing as we speak. How to gather information from all the platforms, sort the data and make it a meaningful analysis that helps to form an informed competitive strategy? It’s Bigdata era. With the help of advanced Social Media scrapping technologies, it’s no rocket science to gather customer feedback and turn into a dynamic Dataset that can define human behavior. The business experts further can use that Datasets understand individuals and explore business opportunities through customer sentiment analysis & measurement, target market segmentation, online brand inspection and identifying trends.

How can it help Application Development?

DevOps came into the picture as an effort to turn Continuous Everything Model a reality which had been a fantasy for B2C businesses since ever they started operating online. Since ever the Developers and Operations team started collaborating to align the software engineering with enterprise objectives, the delivery got faster, innovation became regular and customer experience became more crucial. The IT industry has been focusing on meeting business demands, development expenses, security, maintainability, and code quality. We have invented and adopted tools and mechanisms to get all of them under control. It is now high-time to start looking at customer demands.

The user feedback does matter the new-age Application Development. Whether it is an eCommerce application, Brand loyalty Application or a stand-alone service application; anything that requires Continuous Integration and Delivery can make the most of the rich real-time data through social media intelligence. The innovation heads must adopt ways to extract user feedback from every (open and closed) social media platform and synthesize the data points into structured actionable insights using certain algorithms and let the developers team have access to that information. DevOps is majorly dependent up on Continuous Testing to inspect the feature functionalities, quality, and performance. But examining the human experience is almost a guesswork in this phase since the people involved in the process are an in-house team and not a real user with real-world expectations.

Since DevOps strongly promotes Continuous Innovation, it is about the right time to add another loop of Sentiment Analysis through Social Media Intelligence into the ongoing practice. In the new phase of Application Development, testing should be a collaboration of Development, QA, and Operations aligned with the real-time customer feedback to minimize the false positives.

How do we know it works?

Though some of the businesses have evaporated due to feedback negligence, some of the companies have successfully embraced customer-centric innovation by using Data, Intelligence as well as Insights efficiently to stay relevant. Companies from different industries and verticals have tested, tried and proved ways how and how not to gather and act on emotional intelligence. A leading power tools manufacturer have created an Insight Community to learn their customer’s feedback and inventions that’d make their life easy. World’s largest delivery and logistics services provider, hosts hand-on workshops for their customers across the world to co-create solutions that will improve the user experience. Prioritizing the user needs help them retain their customer base, says the brand heads.

How do we do it at Qentelli?

There is more than one way for the Development firms to leverage Social Media Intelligence to enable a continuous feedback loop for the Engineering teams. Qentelli has built a sentiment analysis platform and a put in a continuous effort to achieve steady improvisation. Based on years of data collection, we are now able to categorize feedback from various Social Media channels into different buckets and create a list that business can leverage to create enhancement requests or user stories. Our implementations also included integration into mobile app store feedback capabilities and tools such as ServiceNow and Salesforce to create a true enterprise wide social media intelligence feedback monitoring service.