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You make IT look easy!
You make IT look easy!

7 years ago, Qentelli was a dream of two business leaders who wanted an alternative reality for the IT corporate world in every dimension – value delivery, work culture, and innovation. Today, we can’t be prouder of the progress we have achieved in each dimension. We didn’t let anything intimidate us - the complexity of challenges, the orthodox industry verticals, changing markets, a global pandemic, or even the great resignation. That is only possible when you have the strongest teams and the strongest will.

"Wanting to have a diverse workforce is a decision. But managing and scaling that diversity is a process." 

- Sanjay Jupudi

An organization is nothing without its people and we call our people, Qentellects. A Qentellect is an individual who is believed to be exceptional, trusted for their ability to solve business problems, and made part of Qentelli as a contributor. As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe.

"I have always believed that passion, integrity and intent are key, for everything else there is internet. Those are the first three requirements for anyone who wants to be a Qentellect.

At Qentelli, we are all cut from the same cloth but styled differently - passion, intent and integrity are our DNA. While every Qentellect has had a different path, in this edition of under the hood at Qentelli, look on as some of the brightest stars at Qentelli share their journey. They really do make IT look easy!"


- Prasanna Singaraju

This is how we grew in the last 7 years.

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If you think that’s impressive, wait till you see the range of skills, experience, and functions we cover.

workforce skillset

Qentelli is a new-age Digital Transformation enabler company. This versatility in skillset helps us build agile teams and deliver excellence in each project. Did you know the word ‘Qentelli’ is a combination of 3 words? Quality, Engineering, and Intelligence. These 3 words drive the collective efforts of Qentellects.

Qentelli is a very young organization. There is a healthy mix of age groups in each team that bridges the generational divide. A bigger chunk of Qentelli’s workforce is below 30 and that young blood is balanced with seasoned wisdom. Interestingly, this opened doors to cross-generational learning. There is also a conscious effort to balance the gender gap in our workforce.

workforce age group

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As much as we enjoy the diversity and versatility of our workforce, their individual journeys are also equally fascinating.

We have innovators who could create the next big thing in technology. We have mothers and fathers who are flying without capes to balance both worlds. We have technologists who said no to brand names and joined us with specific ambitions. We have spectacular engineers that can make transformers look basic. We have mentors with unparallel life learnings to pass on. How can we have such remarkable people around us and not want to know more about them? Once we heard the stories, it felt almost unfair to not share them with the rest of the world. So, we made a video series out of those incredible stories of Qentellects. Because they do make IT look easy!

Keep watching this space for the latest videos from this series.