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(Re)Designing My Career

The pandemic and the long-spoken conditions of architects in India really slapped me right in my face. Even with an incredible work portfolio and years of experience, multiple attempts at carving out my architectural career were in vain.

A Reflection of the Year 2020

Calling 2020 an unusual year would be a significant understatement. From not being able to meet face to face with colleagues and loved ones, to restricted or no travel policies, 2020 has changed the way we think, communicate, and interact.

It was no different for Qentelli as well. But we created some of our best memories amidst this new normal. For us this was the year which tested the very fabric of our culture and we came out with flying colors.

Building a Self-healing IT Infrastructure

Back during the early days of manufacturing, industrial plants were dependent on single sources of power, later electrification changed the industrial plants. Electrical eliminated operational constraints and helped industries establish lines of production for mass production. The next biggest change was driven by Robotic Process automation and self-serviced lines of production.

Microsoft Teams to the rescue of business collaboration

The world is surging through a deadly pandemic, COVID19 which has opened doors to an unprecedented humanitarian and economic crisis. Globally many countries are locked down to control the spread and everything the digital-natives prepared for immediate future is irrelevant overnight. Crucial applications like banking, F&B deliveries, medical and security cannot afford downtimes or glitches. So, the enablers like us cannot pause the operations as the clients need us now more than ever.

Qentelli’s Digital Collaboration Tools During COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19, an unexpected pandemic crisis hit the world hard, leaving every government and business startled. The outspread was quick across the globe. While scientists and researchers are trying to discover a vaccine for it, social distancing and lockdown were the immediate measures. Businesses shifted to telecommuting workforce, and this is the first time all businesses explored the world of telecommuting.

Revitalizing Internal Communications during the Global Lockdown

Qentelli is known for transforming businesses – Technical, Organizational, Digital as well as Operational. A lesser-known fact is, not just fostering transformations for the clients, we re-invent ourselves every now and then. The recent studies say global businesses can’t survive doing just one thing, so does the global teams. That very notion drives innovation across Qentelli. Contrary to a popular belief we, the Marketing team doesn’t consider bragging as the prime activity. Rather, we believe in the power of communications, two-way traffic of information.