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Faster Innovation on Platform
Faster Innovation on Platform

A global networking company was facing many challenges with its Salesforce CRM packaged applications because of lack of a structured approach to versioning, development, build and deployment of applications.

While the company was facing issues with version control, deployment using change sets, external and internal dependencies within delivery, there was a dire need to support new changes and customizations being developed for the company’s Salesforce CRM packaged applications and improve their overall product quality.

Five major challenges Company was facing and how Qentelli solved them?

Qentelli helped solve the challenges by defining the processes, identifying the right tool set and implementing them to achieve an end to end Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline for Salesforce applications developed on platform.

Version Control

Company faced version control issues with developers managing code locally. Qentelli implemented version control system and branching methodology to help developers follow a processed approach to source code management Tools such as Bitbucket.

Deploying using Changesets

Deploying using Change sets takes at least 30 minutes of downtime with no option to roll back and no option to deploy the change sets into multiple environments. Using tools such as Bitbucket for version control, ANT Migration, and Bamboo, Qentelli helped Developers develop and test in their own sandboxes before integrating the code to deploy into various environments. This automatically retrieved the changes from developer sandboxes and helped build and deploy into various environments.

External Dependencies

Company’s development teams faced challenges with interfacing other applications that caused issues with changes resulting in inconsistent functionality and failures. Using Bitbucket, Qentelli implemented branching strategy and processes to create, approve and merge pull requests. This created collaboration between the teams that helped eliminate dependencies between changes in interfacing applications and accelerated overall deployment process and increased the overall application quality.

Internal Dependencies

Due to lack of processes for handoff between Salesforce developers and Admin, the Company faced delays in the deployment moving through different stages and caused serious test failures. Using tools such as Bitbucket and Bamboo, Qentelli automated the environment management and used a processed approach to the code deployment into various environments. This significantly removed the inconsistency in the deployed application for Salesforce admins and brought velocity to the application test and approval.

Product Quality

Company had lot of quality challenges and delayed deployments due to lower test coverage and manual testing approaches. Qentelli brought in it's proprietary test automation solutions built specifically for platform which enabled the company to achieve improved test coverage, higher product quality and quicker test and deployment cycles, by accelerating creation of test automation scripts and test execution on various environments.

The Company reaped significant benefits using “Qentelli Way” of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for platform

● Improved Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) by 40% over 6 months.
● Deployment windows shortened for custom apps and Salesforce application by 35% and 20% respectively.
● Deployment time in less than 5 minutes from 30 minutes to hours.
● Reduced production leakage to 15%, over a period of 6 months.

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