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What is the Formula for Quality?

The two formulae that led the physicists understand the beyond and have ruled innovations in a vast number of areas are:

  1. E=mC2
  2. f = ma

The formulae that will transform the world of Quality Engineering the way we know it and drive innovation well into the future are below.

How you ask? Simple. Let us start with Q=DT2

The Quality of the applications being developed is directly relative to the Development and Testing standards. You Test twice – essentially start with TDD / BDD principles (testing in development phase) followed by testing post build (Functional, Non Functional and Production based testing).


The second formula is key to achieving success in high velocity agile teams where Continuous Delivery is the goal. The velocity of Continuous Delivery is directly proportional to the Continuous Development (TDD, BDD, Continuous Build) and Continuous Testing (Continuous Integration, Continuous Performance Engineering, Continuous Security Engineering, Continuous Feedback) and inversely proportional to the manual intervention in the application engineering lifecycle.

Bringing in automation at various phases of the application engineering lifecycle is key to the success of CD teams.