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Deliver a Better User Experience, The Qentelli Way!
Deliver a Better User Experience, The Qentelli Way!

We are excited to finally formally launch what has been in the works for about a year, Qentelli, a company focused on continuous delivery and quality engineering.

Qentelli was founded on the principles and core philosophy of Software Engineering. We are the world’s first company focused on continuous delivery through orchestrated engineering. What does that mean?

With more than 30 years of experience, our team brings together best practices from Software Development and Quality Assurance to ensure higher quality applications at the velocity your business demands, so you can stay ahead of competition. Early Automation in the Quality life cycle and Continuous Delivery are at the heart of all of the services we bring to you for an early and sustained ROI.

We are eager to offer three key services:

1. Quality Engineering – CI/CD, Early Automated Testing and DevOps
2. Quality Intelligence – Metrics and Analytics to understand the trends and further to Predict Quality
3. Quality Assurance – Functional, Non-Functional and Business Process Testing

We are committed to creating a new standard in Quality Engineering and DevOps. We want you to be able to innovate, automate and deliver the highest quality to your customers. We are here to help you ensure the best user experience possible.

You can view some of our white papers to learn how we’ve already helped customers save time and money, while delivering an optimized user experience.

Join us and rethink the way you deliver quality, The Qentelli Way.

Request a demo today to see how quickly Qentelli can be integrated to give you optimize quality and continuous delivery.