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Southwest Airlines leads the Qentelli 2016 Summer Travel Report
Southwest Airlines

Travel is a competitive industry, especially when you get to booking and ticketing for flights. The race to be the fastest and most reliable site can mean the difference a newly booked flight and a lost customer. Qentelli conducted its first Summer Travel report to put the top tier 1 airlines head to head for page load time, response time, steps to complete tasks, time on tasks and success rate.


Who were the winners? See for yourself.

Southwest Airlines leads the Qentelli 2016 Summer Travel Report


Top 4 Lessons Learned

  • Decrease the number of components on the page to decrease http requests, resulting in faster page speed.
  • Keep your UI light in respect to graphics and images.
  • Combine multiple scripts, style sheets and image maps when possible.
  • Last but not least…Test across all platforms.

How did we test the sites? All tests were executed on Qentelli’s Cloud Platform stages on Amazon AWS Cloud, with the server located on US East Coast – Northern Virgina. See Infographic for more details.

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