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Predictions 2019: How Enterprises will change in the year ahead
Predictions 2019: How Enterprises will change in the year ahead

Enterprises are on their path to embrace digital technologies to keep pace with the digital world. Software is the winning ingredient in the digital race and organizations are adopting CI/CD, DevOps, AI and Automation to enable faster deliveries and updates. Organizations are also looking to promote collaboration among various business lines, development and IT teams. Here are Qentelli’s technological predictions for 2019 that will change enterprise IT landscape.

Artificial Intelligence will become prevalent in enterprises.

AI-driven tools are getting popular because of the enterprise-level predictive and descriptive analytics capabilities. This trend will rise in 2019, more tools will emerge with AI algorithms to detect, predict issues at different DevOps stages. More organizations will adopt them. These tools will help in uncovering lots of insights and provide metrics from IT operational data. IT teams can identify anomalies, predict issues and outcomes in the environment. This put them in the proactive mode than the reactive one. AI with DevOps is taking centre stage for automating performance, security and functional testing, made possible with the use of predictive algorithms.

In 2019, we will see how advanced AI goes an extra mile with prescriptive analytics with automated remediation in Enterprise DevOps. Prescriptive analytics will help to choose the best course of action based on past occurrences and remediations taken. Prescriptive analytics will help teams to fix systems and applications by providing best possible solution. This improves the accuracy of decisions taken in quickly fixing the systems. The systems or application being continually improved can transition to automate remediation, fixing issues automatically and ensuring smooth operations.

In 2019, there will be an increase in adoption of AI in areas of Continuous feedback and Self-service infrastructure. Just like humans, AI based digital workforce will become a member of software development teams. We will see a rise in chatbot communications to resolve queries, improve availability, achieve higher efficiencies for providing quick solutions to the users. Chatbots will be the part of digital workforce to provide self-service infrastructure and recommend the infrastructure based on application stack. The next generation workforce will be a mix of chatbots and human. We will have to wait and see how they enhance the efficiency of workplaces.

DevOps is for all 

Organizations are already investing and benefitting from DevOps. This will continue in 2019. DevOps will become democratic for organizations of all sizes. In the year ahead, organizations will focus on improving their culture and IT governance for moving ahead in DevOps journey.

In 2019, organizations will go through culture morphing from siloed culture to collaborative and open culture. The culture change will promote use of latest AI tools and practices. This will support the modern DevOps practices to fast-track deliveries.

Enterprises will pre-define IT governance structure, risk and compliance standards to support the complex and distributed applications. Qentelli predicts that in 2019, enterprises will setup DevOps Operations Centers (DOC), replacing Network Operations Centers (NOC) and Security Operations Centers (SOC). DOC will have capabilities for the 24 by 7 monitoring, delivery of distributed applications and services and alerts and notifications capabilities enabling true and continuous feedback cycle. DOC will empower real time automated KPIs and AI algorithms to detect and solve issues.

Enterprise Automation to fuel innovation

Enterprise Automation is well on the cards for 2019. In the past years, systems of engagement are already being approached and developed with CI/CD methods. In 2019, more enterprises will be hands-on with business innovations by taking a holistic approach towards Systems of engagement and Systems of record. By 2022, CI/CD solutions will achieve orchestration for Multi speed IT systems in enterprises, enabling the leap into a next generation of CI/CD for enterprises.

Automation will be the road to fast-track deployments

In 2019, enterprises will experiment more to combine two or more approaches (Canary, blue-green or dark launches) to achieve faster deployment times and less Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR). This will be possible with the ability to track key release metrics and AI-driven ways to improve release efficiency. More automation is in the offing, especially in the areas of Continuous Integration. We will see operations related jobs shifting left and integrating into overall development workflow. The number of automated test generators will increase taking off the burden from development teams for In-Sprint testing.

Rise of use cases for Blockchain technology

In 2019, the adoption of Blockchain technology will increase by at least 35%. Enterprise will explore various unexplored use cases in various industries. These use cases will be success stories for others to replicate. We are at the cusp of Blockchain and AI and in 2019; we expect these two technologies to go mainstream.

In 2019, we will see an overall 40% increase in organizations adopting DevOps. Banking and Financial services and Quick Service Restaurants and related industries will be frontrunners in DevOps and AI adoption. These industries will also lead the innovation, creating use cases for other industries.