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Intelligent Automation – The Qentelli Way Towards Test Automation
Intelligent Automation – The Qentelli Way Towards Test Automation

Businesses have realized that seamless digital experiences are less of a choice and more of a necessity in the world of ‘being connected’ always. Businesses have already started using agile and DevOps methodologies to create omnichannel and seamless experiences for customers. This means that every single code or apps and software releases need to be rolled out immaculately coupled with billions of devices connected to the environment. The advancements in the technology and need for speed requires second thought on: Is traditional way of testing will be able to cope up with the advancements in the digital world? What is the way out to survive in a digital world that requires real-time and high-quality digital experiences?

This article talks about how intelligent automation can transform the software testing services to match up with the digital world software deliveries.

The challenges of test automation

Companies are using automation to put large amounts of test data into action, otherwise lying idle. Automation based AI algorithms can help in generating and optimizing test cases, prioritizing testing, monitor test results, and capture data.

The challenges of test automation cannot be generalized as they are dependent on where the companies lie in their overall journey of DevOps. For companies, those who have just started their DevOps journey, even capturing test data can be a challenge. The second challenge can be the time taken to automate test cases is long adding delay to overall development lifecycle. Whereas DevOps mature companies might be facing a challenge to plug in testing automation in the overall DevOps chain or moving from automated testing to continuous testing. Usually, companies keep test automation behind actual development.

For instance, if a developer is adding a feature in sprint x, the automation of that feature is done in sprint x+1 or x+2 but in DevOps, the feature needs to be tested with automation in sprint x itself i.e. in-sprint automation.

The approach towards test automation should change from taking it after the development to integrate it with the development process. The test automation should be integrated with the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and act as a quality gate.

The future of test automation and how to start building futuristic intelligent automation practices

Test automation is going to move beyond testing applications, environments, creating redundant tests for creating end-to-end automated user journeys. Owing to the fact that testing or development is no more working in silos under DevOps and every single function is accountable for accelerating application performance without compromising on quality, creating seamless experiences for users.

The future of test automation is about building business specific processes and strategies for test automation solutions based on the technology and type of application businesses are using. Futuristic businesses are dealing with advanced technologies and at the same time, they cannot do away with legacy solutions and thus, custom solutions are required. The future of test automation solutions will change based on app landscape and user journeys for every business.

Some of the ways to get started on building intelligent automation strategies that will take you far –

  • Be tool and technology agnostic – Companies have a vast tool, technology, and application landscape and this keeps on evolving as per business needs. This advocate for multiple options of test automation tools and platforms. Today's best automation tools will not align with the technologies of tomorrow. This requires businesses to build tool and technology agnostic framework with industry practices such as behavioral driven testing.
  • Build a solution for scalability and performance – Intelligent automation practices need to be scalable as per the business scalability. The key characteristics of scalable test automation solution is easy to develop for better adoption and full test coverage, quick to deploy for faster feedback cycle, completely automated for repeat and reliable results and cost-efficient even with growing business.
  • Work in sprint with the development team – Testing sprint needs to be integrated with the development sprint, whereas in most of the scenarios, testing is lagging. Application development and testing must be in the same sprint for quality and achieve maximum coverage during the development phase itself.
  • Automate test data required for testing – Test data automation is usually a challenging, time-taking and a very crucial step towards achieving test automation. Test data automation requires articulating a long-term vision, thinking about the context in terms of application, development standards, user testing etc. Read complete test automation best practices here.
  • Automate test environment creation – The manual provisioning of the environment will not be able to sustain for companies moving towards DevOps and automation, and companies must get rid of it quickly. Automating test environment can improve the test cycle times and ensures quality application or code being rolled out every single time, without impacting compliance and security standards.

The Qentelli Way to Intelligent Automation

We at Qentelli have built many custom solutions for legacy, modern, web, mobile and other types of app landscapes. They have become like reusable utilities which can be plugged in together to make everything work seamlessly with all the devices connected with the application.

Qentelli has a suite of products that provide advantage to our intelligent automation initiatives by integrating test automation within the complete DevOps value chain.

Our automation tools provide enterprise level intelligent automation with DevOps first approach helping organizations to expedite their digital journey by testing fast, increase their test automation coverage and improves return on investment.

About Qentelli

Headquartered in Dallas, TX with global delivery teams in India, Qentelli is an Industry Thought Leader in Quality Engineering, Automated Testing, and Continuous Delivery. With high performing engineering teams working in the dedicated Innovation Group, Qentelli brings design thinking to address complex business problems and enables Continuous Delivery across Enterprise IT through automation for its global customers.