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Are the Contextual Cousins - DevOps & CI-CD in your FY17 Budget

The Holiday season is a great time for family and friends; I am spending this special time this year with my family – The Qentelli team and specially the innovation group. Let me tell you, we have some very cool stuff on the way! You folks are going to love what you see.

I cannot help but notice, this is “that” time of the year. Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions!! A lot of positivity and souls determined to make a change are in the air this time of the year, specially in people’s personal lives. Things have come to a grinding halt at most enterprises, some due to forced shut downs and others just too happy to work. Further still, there are all those enterprises management / leadership teams that can only think of their versions for budget and forecasting for the year 2017.

The title of this post says Contextual Cousins – CI-CD and DevOps. What I mean by it? Let me explain.

To many, they are different terms. To me (and us at Qentelli) they may be different terms but their goals and what they recommended make them so similar that appear to be from the same lineage; hence I call them Cousins. In my earlier posts on DevOps and CD I outlined the core elements of both. How do I mean? Here is a quick recap.

The resemblance of lineage is so uncanny; I cannot resist calling them cousins.

Why must these Cousins be in your 2017 budget?

  1. All those missed deadlines can be so 2016: happy hours don’t have to be missed
  2. Quality – Production defects, Releases put off due to defects; lesser time to Market can be curbed
  3. Eliminate of Wait times
  4. Eliminate of downtimes
  5. Silo’d team / minimal Collaboration can be a thing of the past
  6. DevOps as a toolset can rest in peace
  7. CI is limited to Unit Testing/Build Validations can be put to bed
  8. Performance Testing an after thought or occurring too late can be left behind
  9. Production feedback being reactive/ issue based / transaction based can end now!

Besides all of these points, Transformation initiatives are great to kick things off in the New Year when the energy is high, people are more open to change.

If these reasons don’t motivate you, it could be due to one of the two: CD is not in your immediate agenda or you believe (Still) in tooth fairies.

So, here’s the deal to simply put it. Adopt these practices and life would be simpler (better I might say, with concrete evidence, if you want to see it, email me). It actually is fairly simple to adopt CD, DevOps into your everyday practices barring a few exceptions.

As I said in my book published earlier in the year 2016 (Continuous Delivery) the first step to getting there is collaboration and something as simple as getting together at table with Dev, Ops and QA guys for lunch and walking away with no one killed is a start.

But, more seriously, automation is a start. It could be something as simple as regression. We can tackle world hunger and world peace later. I am going to address the finer details on the CD journey in later series.

For now Happy Holidays and have a great New Year. Oh, and enjoy those resolutions, keep up with them beyond Jan, please!

PS: Oh, and if you haven’t budgeted for it , no harm, no foul! Tweaks can me made to how you do many of the things in your engineering lifecycle already, to get on with the CD journey. Truth be told, CD is in our DNA, talk to someone @ Qentelli to get help on any of the things DevOps and Continuous Delivery.