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Retail Giant's HR Transformation with ServiceNow


In fast-paced FinTech landscape, providing exceptional customer support is paramount. However, a growing FinTech startup in the USA found itself entangled in a ticketing tango – a cumbersome email-based system leading to a backlog of unresolved incidents, delayed resolutions, and frustrated customers. This ultimately impacted their ability to provide timely support for critical financial transactions.


This case study explores how Qentelli partnered with this FinTech startup to revolutionize their ticketing and incident management system. By leveraging the power of ServiceNow, a comprehensive service management platform, Qentelli helped the client achieve significant improvements, leading to happier customers, a more productive support team, and ultimately, a stronger foundation for future growth.


A Global Retailer

Size of firm:



Across 6 countries

Main challenge:

Inefficient Processes and Disconnected 
Systems Hindered HR Performance



The retailer faced significant challenges in managing its complex HR processes, which were characterized by:

  • Manual and Time-Consuming Tasks: HR personnel were burdened with repetitive manual tasks, hindering their ability to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Fragmented Systems and Data Silos: Disparate HR systems and data silos made it difficult to access and analyze employee data, leading to delays in decision-making.
  • Slow resolution times: Employees waited days or weeks for simple HR inquiries.
  • Poor Employee Experience: The lack of a centralized, user-friendly platform made it difficult for employees to access HR services and information, leading to frustration and decreased engagement.

Proposed Solution:

Qentelli, a leader in digital transformation and ServiceNow solutions, partnered with the retailer to address these challenges. Qentelli proposed a comprehensive solution leveraging ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD):

  • Process Automation and Optimization: our team of practitioners will assess the key HR processes that could be automated, such as onboarding, offboarding, leave management, and performance reviews. This will streamline operations and reduce manual effort.
  • Centralized HR Portal: Our team of practitioners proposed to implement a ServiceNow HR portal that will provide employees with a single, user-friendly interface for accessing HR services, information, and self-service tools.
  • Knowledge Base and Virtual Agent: Creating a comprehensive knowledge base and implementing a virtual agent to provide employees instant access to information and resolve common HR queries.
  • Data Integration and Analytics: Qentelli proposed integrating disparate HR data sources into ServiceNow HRSD to create a unified view of employee data. This will enable HR to gain valuable insights into workforce trends and make data-driven decisions.



Implementation: A Phased Approach for Smooth Transition

Qentelli implemented ServiceNow HRSD in phases to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Needs Assessment: Qentelli conducted a thorough assessment of the retailer's HR processes, systems, and data landscape. They collaborated with HR stakeholders to define requirements and developed a detailed implementation plan.
  2. Configuration and Customization: Qentelli configured ServiceNow HRSD to meet the retailer's specific needs, tailoring workflows, forms, and user interfaces. They also developed custom integrations to connect HRSD with other enterprise systems.
    1.  Developed a user-friendly employee self-service portal and integrated it with other relevant systems, such as the employee directory and payroll system.
    2.  Created a knowledge base and implemented a virtual agent to automate responses to common HR queries.
    3.  Implement a case management system to track employee inquiries, requests, and issues, ensuring timely resolution and efficient communication.
    4.  Leverage ServiceNow's reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into HR data, such as employee demographics, performance, and engagement.
  3. Testing and Validation: Qentelli conducted rigorous testing to ensure the system's functionality, accuracy, and performance. They worked closely with HR personnel to validate the system's usability and effectiveness.
  4. Deployment and Training: Our ServiceNow practitioners rolled out ServiceNow HRSD in phases, starting with pilot groups and gradually expanding to the entire organization. They provided comprehensive training to HR personnel and employees to ensure a successful adoption.
  5. Ongoing Support and Optimization: We continued to provide support and optimization services after the initial deployment, ensuring that the system remained aligned with the retailer's evolving needs.

Tech Stack

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Streamlining Client Incident Management with ServiceNow