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SAP S/4 Hana Global Rollout: Harmonizing Excellence


Qentelli partnered with a multinational giant to harmonize their financial operations and to implementing cutting-edge technology solutions for achieving unparalleled operational excellence.


About client

Our client, a prominent multinational corporation, commands a significant presence in the diverse financial services sector, with an acute emphasis on insurance solutions. This enterprise's expansive global reach is instrumental in navigating multifaceted regulatory landscapes, thereby addressing the comprehensive financial requisites of a varied clientele—spanning both individual and corporate sectors globally.

This organization's service repertoire encompasses a robust range of financial services: insurance (encompassing life, general, and specialized lines), asset management, a spectrum of investment products, and comprehensive pension planning solutions. In pursuit of the operational zenith, the client is dedicated to augmenting financial process efficiency through the strategic adoption of new advanced SAP technologies.

Business Vertical:

Insurance and Diversified Financial Services

Organization Size:

Exceeding 70,000 Employees



Our client confronted a series of complex challenges necessitating a strategically orchestrated SAP S/4 HANA global rollout:

  1. Diverse Business Processes: The client's operations across multiple countries introduced distinct business processes. This diversity demanded a solution that was harmonized and flexible enough to adapt to varying local contexts.
  2. Legacy Systems: Existing legacy applications and financial frameworks presented significant integration challenges.
  3. Global Standardization: The client was committed to establishing universal standards across its operations, simultaneously ensuring that these standards were malleable enough to meet crucial local requirements for operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.
  4. Cross-Border Engagement: The client lacks sophisticated data integration strategies to ensure coordination and integration of financial processes across different geographical boundaries.
  5. Change Management: The scale of this global transformation necessitated comprehensive change management initiatives to ensure a seamless transition and alignment among teams dispersed worldwide.

Our strategic approach

In addressing the multifaceted challenges presented, Qentelli orchestrated a comprehensive strategy comprising:

  1. Standardized Framework: Our team of seasoned experts devised a strategic framework aimed at achieving a delicate equilibrium between global standardization and local flexibility. This framework was meticulously tailored to accommodate vital process variations, thereby meeting the diverse regional requirements effectively.
  2. Robust Tech Stack: Leveraging the advanced capabilities of SAP S/4 HANA, our team skillfully integrated a cutting-edge tech stack into the client's existing infrastructure. This integration was pivotal in facilitating efficient data exchange and harmonizing processes throughout the organizational ecosystem.
  3. Change Management Strategy: We engaged in a close collaboration with the client to implement a bespoke change management strategy. This strategy included comprehensive training programs, effective communication channels, and robust support systems, all designed to ensure a seamless transition for employees across various geographical locations.

Our Strategic Approach

what we did

What Qentelli did

Our holistic approach in tackling the unique challenges involved a nuanced integration of local business applications and global systems with the S4 core global platform. This approach was characterized by:

  • Local Integrations: Tailoring solutions to blend local operations seamlessly with global directives.
  • Global Systems Synergy: Ensuring that the global platform synergistically interacted with diverse business units.
  • Streamlined Processes: Harmonizing and streamlining processes for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.



  • Enhanced visibility to Cross-Border Financial Insights and streamlined reporting processes.
  • Flexible Global Operating Model helped to navigate multi-geographical ventures with unprecedented ease.
  • Reduced Organizational Complexity and optimized internal processes by automating reconciliation processes.
  • Implemented solution poised to support extended ERP functionalities
  • 95%

    Achieved seamless integration 
    across all locations.

  • 92%

    Empowered financial control

  • 94%

    Enhanced real-time reporting 
    and analytics

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SAP S/4 Hana Global Rollout: Harmonizing Excellence
SAP S/4 Hana Global Rollout: Harmonizing Excellence