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Efficient Expense Management: Qentelli's Custom Reporting Solutions for Streamlining Policies and Optimizing Costs


Qentelli Joins Forces with Big Four Accounting Firm to Streamline Travel & Expense Processes, Enhancing Compliance and Increasing Transparency

Business Vertical:

T&E- Dashboarding and reporting



Size of the firm:

450,000+ employees

About the client:

One of our Strategic customers, with a lot of employees across the globe, was facing challenges in managing the travel and expense process. The challenge lies in tracking travel and expenses across various business segments and ensuring adherence to policies and local regulations as they have operations in dozens of countries.



With the rise of globalization, business travel has exploded, sending corporate travel costs soaring. Organizations worldwide are struggling to control these mounting expenses. For global companies operating in matrix structures across countries and business units, the challenges are even greater. 
Our client, a rapidly scaling global consulting firm, faced critical obstacles governing their travel spend:

  • Minimal visibility into expenses across the complex organizational matrix, limiting spend analysis
  • Decentralized, fragmented policy creation without central governance
  • Difficulty enforcing compliance, with frequent violations going undetected
  • Inability to monitor corporate card usage, enabling misuse and fraud
  • Lack of controls during approvals caused delays from improper submissions
  • Manual reporting couldn't keep pace with 20%+ annual expense growth


Solutions Proposed

Qentelli deployed a 4-phase approach to guide the client through transformation:

  • Discover - Detailed workshops and surveys uncovered pain points and requirements across stakeholders. As-is processes were documented and data samples were analyzed.
  • Strategize - Findings were synthesized to chart the optimal to-be state. The target reporting architecture, policy controls, and workflows were defined.
  • Implement - Concur configuration, custom reporting, integrations, and automations were rolled out in iterative sprints. Testing ensured readiness before go-live.
  • Sustain - Knowledge transfer empowered client self-sufficiency. Post go-live support resolved issues, improved solutions, and ensured enduring value.

This structured methodology ensured alignment on goals through co-creation before driving execution.



What Qentelli Did

To address these challenges, Qentelli designed a comprehensive reporting solution fully exploiting SAP Concur's advanced capabilities

  • Custom reports provided complete visibility into spend by business unit, project, and other dimensions for advanced analysis of cost drivers.
  • Being an authorized partner of SAP Concur, Qentelli leveraged its expertise in the platform to reduce waiting period of reporting queries by up to 50%. Their team of highly skilled Cognos professionals ensured seamless integration and optimized reporting capabilities.
  • During the implementation phase of Concur, Qentelli conducted comprehensive overview sessions on Concur reporting. This equipped the client with foundational knowledge, enabling them to maximize the utilization of the extensive library of 200+ standard reports.
  • Reconciliation reports matched card transactions to expenses, flagging discrepancies for follow-up.
  • Tighter approvals workflow reduced submission errors and delays through upfront validation checks.
  • Automated report distribution and alerts reduced manual oversight needs.

This robust solution tackled the root causes of the client's challenges by combining tailored analytics, proactive policy controls, and central oversight. Qentelli's deep Concur expertise allowed maximizing the platform's capabilities to meet the client's unique needs.


Delivery Approach:

Qentelli leveraged proven best practices honed over years of SAP Concur consulting to ensure smooth implementation:

  • Immersive requirements workshops uncovered needs and pain points
  • Comprehensive platform education accelerated user adoption across the global team
  • Tight collaboration during report design incorporated active user feedback
  • Iterative enhancements fine-tuned reports until optimal utility achieved
  • Rigorous validation testing ensured accuracy prior to production release
  • Proactive notifications for critical reports enabled hands-off oversight
  • Detailed knowledge transfer empowered client self-sufficiency post go-live
  • Ongoing support provides expertise for enhancements and changing needs

This structured approach kept stakeholders engaged while driving toward the solution vision.


Tech Stack

  • sql
  • sap-concur
  • javascript
  • ibm-cognos
  • html5

By fully exploiting Concur's capabilities, Qentelli's solutions created a centralized, compliant, and visible expense management program ready to scale globally. The client realized over $8 million in travel savings annually - far exceeding project costs.


Qentelli's custom reporting solutions delivered significant benefits to the client:

  • Drastically reduced waiting periods of reporting queries and thereby improving operational efficiency by up to 50%.
  • Streamlined reporting processes, minimizing manual efforts and enhancing productivity.
  • Enhanced communication with reporting consultants, facilitating prompt assistance and collaboration.
  • Empowered the client with actionable insights through customized reports tailored to their specific needs.
  • Improved data accessibility and utilization of the extensive library of around 200+ available templates.
  • Swift identification of root causes and timely resolutions, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Qentelli's expertise in reporting, partnership with SAP Concur, and dedicated team of consultants enabled them to deliver valuable solutions to the client. Their customized reporting capabilities, efficient monitoring practice, expert guidance, and seamless communication channels contributed to streamlining business processes and providing actionable insights. Qentelli's commitment to delivering tailored reporting solutions empowered the client to make informed decisions and optimize their operations effectively.


By implementing SAP Concur, the client was able to regain control over their expense management, improve efficiency, and enhance employee satisfaction.

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Efficient Expense Management: Qentelli's Custom Reporting Solutions for Streamlining Policies and Optimizing Costs
Efficient Expense Management: Qentelli's Custom Reporting Solutions for Streamlining Policies and Optimizing Costs