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Empowering Global RPA Excellence with Advanced OCR


Qentelli joined forces with a prominent healthcare organization aiming to seek innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and accuracy in healthcare data processing, marking a pivotal step towards streamlined information management.

Business Vertical:

Healthcare and Insurance


North America

Firm Size:

Over 62,000 Employees

This organization is at the forefront of healthcare excellence, emphasizing care and inclusivity as its core values. Renowned for pioneering comprehensive, holistic care, their focus areas include elder care, mental health, urban health, and cardiac care. With a robust workforce exceeding 62,000 professionals, they stand as a testament to dedicated healthcare service. 

Beyond their existing accolades, the organization is steadfast in its commitment to continuous innovation. This pursuit is evident in their embrace of cutting-edge healthcare practices, integration of modern technologies, and active engagement in research. These initiatives solidify their standing as an innovator and leader in the healthcare industry.



As a prominent player in the healthcare sector, our client offers a broad spectrum of services across an extensive network of 50 branches. Despite their industry stature, they encountered significant challenges in managing and processing a vast array of data. Key among these were difficulties in handling scanned documents and handwritten data, including patient records, insurance payments, and other pertinent information. The challenges faced were multifaceted:

  • Manual Data Processing: The existing process of manually handling large volumes of handwritten data was not only inefficient but also prone to inaccuracies, posing a risk to data integrity.
  • Data Management: The organization struggled with efficiently sorting, storing, and analyzing the enormous volumes of data, which became a bottleneck in their digital transformation efforts.
  • Complex Data Extraction: Extracting intricate data from diverse sources, particularly in remote applications, proved challenging. This complexity hindered efforts to streamline processes and extract actionable insights from unstructured data.

Solutions Proposed

In response to the challenges faced by our client, our team of automation experts embarked on a comprehensive analysis to develop a forward-thinking solution. Our proposed strategy centers on the integration of an advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This approach is designed to revolutionize the efficiency of extracting information from both handwritten and scanned documents, which include images and textual data.

Key aspects of our proposed solution include:

  • Deployment of a State-of-the-Art OCR Engine: Leveraging advancements in AI and Machine Learning, our OCR engine is capable of accurately recognizing both machine-printed and handwritten text. This high level of accuracy is crucial for ensuring the integrity of data extraction processes.
  • Automation of Text Extraction: By automating the extraction of text from diverse sources, we aim to eliminate the need for manual efforts. This automation not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the potential for human error.
  • Digitization of Unstructured Data: Converting unstructured data into digitized formats is a critical step in streamlining workflows. Our solution automates this conversion process, facilitating seamless integration across various domains within the healthcare sector.



What Qentelli Did?

Qentelli embarked on a strategic initiative to tackle the challenges associated with unstructured data in scanned documents, fundamentally transforming the approach to information extraction. Our actions included:

1. Integration of Advanced OCR with RPA:

  • We integrated a sophisticated OCR engine into our existing RPA platform, customizing the solution to effectively process complex documents.
  • This integration marked a significant leap in handling and interpreting unstructured data.

2. Seamless Integration with Enterprise Applications:

  • ​​​​​​​Our solution ensured flawless integration with various enterprise applications, enabling smooth data flow throughout the organization.
  • We established a unified ecosystem capable of managing intricate, document-intensive workflows with efficiency and accuracy.

3. Surface Connectivity for Remote Automation:

  • By leveraging surface connectivity, we extended the automation capabilities beyond local applications.
  • This enabled our OCR-integrated RPA platform to automate processes on remote machines, expanding the scope and reach of our solution.

4. Attended Process Automation for Enhanced Precision:

  • We incorporated attended process automation, allowing for human intervention at crucial stages.
  • This strategic move ensured precise data validation and accommodated the inclusion of supplementary information beyond the pre-set parameters.
  • This hybrid approach was designed to maximize the accuracy and reliability of the process, striking a balance between automation efficiency and human expertise.

Through these strategic actions, Qentelli not only addressed the immediate challenges but also set the stage for ongoing innovation and improvement in data processing within the healthcare sector.


Our solution exhibited the ability to adaptively learn, notably identifying and improving from interactions with 'suspicious data,' thus enhancing proficiency over time. 

The implementation of our solution has yielded remarkable results, setting a new benchmark in healthcare data processing:

  • 74%

    Reduction in time 
    spent on processes

  • 345

    Manual work hours saved 
    in the initial five weeks

  • 87%

    Automation rate 

  • 92%

    Data accuracy 
    rate maintained

By strategically integrating advanced OCR with RPA, we have not only addressed the immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for a new era in healthcare data processing. This integration combines precision, efficiency, and the essential human element, preparing our client for the future of healthcare innovation.

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Empowering Global RPA Excellence with Advanced OCR
Empowering Global RPA Excellence with Advanced OCR