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Transforming Business Performance and Spend Management through SAP Concur Implementation


Qentelli partnered with a leading Saudi Arabian Hospitality Corporation to Digitally Transform Traditional Travel and Expense Management Methods, Ushering a New Era of Operational Efficiency.

Business Vertical:

Travel & Expense Management – Accounts Payable Automation

About the client:

One of the largest food manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.




Size of the firm:

A 42 year-old group with 1000+ headcount.



One of our clients, a Saudi Arabia based hospitality company faced significant issues in their expense management process due to manual handling and use of spreadsheets. 

As the company expanded, the volume of transactions increased, making it overwhelming and inefficient to manage expenses manually. The absence of an integrated system for cash advances and expense tracking further exacerbated the difficulties. These challenges resulted in process inefficiencies, uncontrolled expenditures, potential non-compliance, and a lack of real -time visibility into expense spend, approval workflows, and overall status. 

The manual process also introduced delays in expense report preparation, submission, and reimbursement, leading to employee dissatisfaction and increased administrative workload.

Solutions Proposed

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the client's expense management process, Qentelli recommended the adoption of the SAP Concur Expense module, a cloud-based solution for travel expense and invoice management, which offered automation capabilities and provided visibility into their financial processes. 

This solution was carefully proposed after detailed analysis. The objective was to eliminate the labour-intensive and error-prone manual paper-based claim preparation, submission, and processing. With the user-friendly SAP Concur platform, client’s employees gained the flexibility to submit expense claims from any location at any time, while also being able to track real-time status of their claims.

Solutions Proposed

What Qentelli Did

  • Requirements Gathering: We collaborated closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and challenges in TEM. They conducted in-depth discussions and gathered detailed information about the existing processes, pain points, and desired outcomes.
  • Analysis & Systems Design: Performed a thorough analysis of the company’s requirements and designed a tailored solution using SAP Concur. This involved creating a comprehensive systems design that addressed expense management, workflow, and budget tracking. Qentelli ensured seamless integration with other systems such as SuccessFactors EC and SAP FICO (S/4 HANA) through interface mapping.
  • Expense, Workflow, and Budget Dashboard Configuration: Qentelli configured SAP Concur's expense, workflow, and budget dashboards to align with the company’s specific needs. We customized the system to enable efficient tracking, approval, and monitoring of expenses, ensuring better control and visibility throughout the process.
  • Interface Mapping: Facilitated the integration of SAP Concur with the client’s existing systems, SuccessFactors EC and SAP FICO (S/4 HANA). Mapped the interfaces to establish seamless data flow and synchronization, enabling accurate expense data exchange between systems.
  • Validation of Organization Unit and Employee Data Hierarchy: We meticulously validated the organization unit and employee data hierarchy within SAP Concur. This ensured the correct assignment of expenses to the appropriate departments and employees, streamlining expense tracking and reporting.
  • Testing: Qentelli conducted comprehensive testing to validate the configuration and functionality of SAP Concur. We performed configuration validation tests to ensure the system's accuracy and compliance with the client’s requirements. Additionally, we provided User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support, to test the system's usability and functionality before deployment.
  • Go-Live: Qentelli took charge of project management during the go-live phase. The team meticulously planned and coordinated the go-live activities, ensuring a smooth transition from the legacy system to SAP Concur. Qentelli facilitated system integration, provided user training, supported data migration, and closely monitored the go-live process to ensure a successful launch.

Tech Stack

  • sap-hana-finance
  • sap-concur
  • cpi
  • sap-success-factor
  • web-api


  • 47%

    Faster Reimbursement

  • 97%

    Paperless Claims

  • 85%

    Automated Process

  • 100%

    Policy Adherence

By implementing SAP Concur, the client was able to regain control over their expense management, improve efficiency, and enhance employee satisfaction.

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Transforming Business Performance and Spend Management through SAP Concur Implementation
Transforming Business Performance and Spend Management through SAP Concur Implementation