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Automating the TEM activities of a Hospitality and Travel Tech Company


Improved data flow and quality through Enterprise Data Management strategy while enabling business continuity through Cloud and Digital transformation.

Business Vertical:

Loyalty Management

Main Challenge:

Cloud Transformation



Size of the firm:




Our client is a global loyalty and CRM innovator, running wide range of loyalty and customer relationship programs for their customers. Being known for their loyalty programme that can be customized based on the business requirement, the marketing giant lately realized their core revenue-earning business application is costing them more than needed and they found themselves dropping from the leadership board and losing the top places to some of the new-born, digital-native competitors. Their old Loyalty Platform works with one instance per customer. Releasing new features to each instance was costly. There is huge Data from Thousands of stores and online data, along with data from other channels, which is hard to manage. This case study on Cloud Transformation describes their journey with Qentelli and how they have discovered ways to fight the competition without compromising their USP.

Solutions Proposed

Qentelli has partnered for a Digital Transformation and redesigned the existing platform. Some of the key activities are:

  • Discovery Workshops to understand existing platform capabilities and challenges
  • Presenting Business-aligned Technology Roadmap based on Competitor Analysis, Industry trends and Client demands
  • Setting up Core team that includes Enterprise Architect, Program Manager, Agile Coach, Quality Director as well as experts in UI/UX, DevOps, Microservice Development and AWS
  • Detailed Solution Architecture for Data Model, Microservice Orchestration, Marketer-friendly UI and Analytics
  • Multi-Tenant and Geo-fenced deployment model with capability of per-instance and SaaS deployment
  • Making Business Stakeholders part of core Governance team right from the start



What Qentelli Did

Our client serves some of the largest companies globally with 10’s of millions of transactions per day per customer and close to 3000 transactions-per-second. The current app is over 15 years old and has morphed from an internal application to be a customer-facing application. However, clients today are asking for intelligent self-service options, a more modern UI and out-of-the-box functionality. The company has lost significant revenue, market share and also dipped in analyst ratings, leading to reputation loss. 

Qentelli conducted an intense discovery process, since documentation has been lost or not updated over the years and created business and technical requirements for the new application. We lead the cloud transformation by using modern architecture principles, microservices, lightweight message queues, NoSQL Databases and high-performance computing infrastructure on AWS to provide a scalable and future-proof design. 


The new platform will allow the company to run the application in single or multi-tenanted mode, allow features to be bundled for monetization and deploy new versions dynamically without downtimes and even without the customers noticing.

Tech Stack

At its simplest, tech stack for cloud transformation includes your applications, the development resources used to build them, the data required by the applications, and the computing resources to process it all.


  • aws-web
  • docker
  • dotnet
  • kafka
  • kubernetes
  • postgres
  • splunk
  • veracode


The expected outcomes from the engagement have been achieved. However, the outcomes from the subsequent engagements with the client are not covered in this cloud transformation case study.


High quality Data

across the organization through Enterprise Data Management Strategy

Adherence to Regulatory compliance

because of Efficient data management processes

Client Self Service

with superior User Experience

High Available environment & business continuity

through Cloud First approach & Kubernetes clusters.

Increased number of releases

and reduced operational cost

Enhanced platform

with multi-brand / multi-program capabilities.

  • AI

    Powered deep Analytics for
    insight-led decision making

  • 10 times

    Faster customer onboarding

  • 1500+

    Transactions per second with
    the new system maturity

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Digital and Cloud transformation for a global Loyalty Management Platform
Digital and Cloud transformation for a global Loyalty Management Platform