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#BalancedDiet and #HealthyFood
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#BalancedDiet and #HealthyFood are for all and a sure road to a brighter future. Here’s how Qentelli is paving the way for these more than 400 under-privileged tribal kids in Mumbai. #CSR #tech4all

Last year Qentelli donated roti maker in the outskirts of Mumbai to a tribal non-profit school. As good deeds travel miles, Qentelli was approached by tribal school from Gandulwad, Thane, Mumbai. Supporting living of 400 children with No NGO, no government support.

They are challenged with the same problem of providing healthy and complete meals to these 400 underprivileged tribal children. Child’s growth is incomplete without healthy meals.

Team Qentelli has decided to solve this problem with Automation as they have done in the past. Now these kids are assured of a heathy childhood.