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Visual Stories of Qentelli

A glimpse into our solutions, insights, CSR initiatives and many more. Rethinking Enterprise in a Digital World

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Fireside Chat 
Episode #4

Product Engineering involves innovation, design,
development, testing, delivery and everything in between.


Fireside Chat Episode #3

Solutions Engineering focuses on being an interface between the client, sales, and development teams to ensure transparency, inn

Fireside Chat Episode #2

Role of an HR and Operations leader goes beyond hiring and resource budgeting.

Fireside Chat Episode #1

There are many innovators, leaders, and practitioners in Qentelli who have years of experience and countless stories to tell.

Sneakers to underprivileged students

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Qentelli contributes in its own unique ways to support people and causes.

Essentials in a time of need 2.0

Pandemic has shown its ugly face as it started affecting the unorganized sector in India.


At Qentelli, we are guided by principle ‘We Care’.

Equipping to win the digital world

Always remember we rise by lifting others and Qentelli believes in the same with a whole heart.

#BalancedDiet and #HealthyFood

Still Doing Monthly Releases? How about Multiple Releases in a Day!

As a product company, it is important to keep yourself ahead of the game without compromising on quality.


Data Unaware, Data Aware, Data led

It is time to hold businesses accountable!

Behavior Driven Development

In-Process and Project metrics every Tech-leader should measure

The major Product, in-Process and Project metrics every Tech-leader should measure from the entire software life-cycle perspective to improve the c

Software Quality Matters

The quality of your software impacts your business in diverse ways.

AI Myths and Facts

We all hoped Intelligent systems can become the new-age magic wands. They might, but just not yet!

Digital Transformation in Retail Industry

Digital Transformation can solve traditional retail problems, enhance