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Data-driven Decision Making: Essential Five-step Guide For Any Business

Introduction: Data is ruling our lives, from what we wear to how we travel, everything is influenced by data. This new era of data is redefining consumer behavior and business practices. Companies are using data to analyze user habits, predict sales trends, and develop new products and services. Today, data-driven organizations are outperforming their peers in terms of revenue, customer loyalty, and market share. They are more confident about their chosen strategies, as they use evidence-based data to decide.

Accelerate SAFe with Value Stream Mapping

Value streams are thoughtfully devised combinations of several steps employed by an organization to deliver value through solutions. Each value stream flows towards a solution, whether it is a system, service, or product, with the intention to deliver value to customers and hence the name Value Stream. When it comes to SAFe, several value streams supported by Agile Release Trains (ARTs) are considered to define the optimal logical place.

Value Stream Management: A Leap Towards Enterprise Leadership

Software innovation driving business value has been the main point of focus for organizations over the years. Although executive leadership has led the business aspect for a long time, it necessarily didn’t have to delve into the software development side of it. However, as times change, high business stakes and rapidly growing digital maturity require executive leadership to step into the world of software and ensure continuous delivery of value to customers.