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Succeed in Digital Transformation by Choosing Path of Least Resistance

Digital Transformation has gone past the hype and has become a standard norm. The need vs want debate is far from over and quick implementation of the Digital Transformation strategy has become the need for the hour. Businesses are looking to integrate digital technology into all areas of a business to increase efficiency, gain business agility, and unlock new value for employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Myth Buster: Are Manual Testing Jobs Going Extinct?

Every time a new technology enters our lives and advances enough to automate tasks, there is a hue and cry about humans losing their jobs to machines. But we forget we are the ones making technology work for us. Just like how newspapers might’ve got digitized but ‘news’ isn’t a yesteryear concept, Chat GPT hasn’t replaced writers instead helps them fight writer’s block, movie theaters aren’t dead just because the OTT says ‘Tudum!’, Manual Testing isn’t going anywhere either, as simple as that!

How to Calculate Cloud ROI: Numbers and Beyond

If you are on the fence about cloud migration and planning to present a business case to your board, then calculating cloud ROI can be the factor that influences your decision. Shifting to the cloud is a complex process, which needs us to justify the costs that come with its setup. Along with measuring the risks and intangible benefits, measuring cloud ROI can be a deciding factor for the C-suite, while migrating to the cloud. For those already on the cloud, assessing the ROI is integral to keep a track of your journey.

How to Develop a Cloud Governance Framework That Suits Your Company

Cloud is aiding more and more companies in digital transformation and illustrating good ROI. But all that can change if you have a messy, mismanaged, and disorganized cloud infrastructure which will increase expenses and hamper the ROI. Every business picks a different path when it comes to cloud adoption. Some are novices, learning the gears while some of them are at the advanced stage, utilizing the power of the cloud to the max.

9 Enterprise Architecture Mistakes That Organizations Must Avoid

With the rise of new technologies and changing customer expectations, many businesses are turning to Enterprise Architecture initiatives to help them to stay ahead of their digital transformation game. Enterprise Architecture is a complex process of aligning tech capabilities with business strategy and demands careful planning and thoughtful execution. An effective Enterprise Architecture can help organizations optimize their IT infrastructure by developing a comprehensive blueprint of an unified, efficient, and cost-effective strategy.

Digital Maturity: Definition, Benefits, And How to Get There

For companies to survive and thrive, digital transformation is imperative, and digital maturity is a complementary tool for assessing and advancing that transformation. While companies undergo digital transformation to improve their operations, digital maturity shows the level of sophistication the organization has achieved in embracing digital. A company's digital maturity is a measure of how well the company can adapt to market changes and respond to them.

DevOps and Cloud - Inseparable Twins

In today’s constantly evolving world of Information Technology, DevOps and Cloud are two powerful forces that have become increasingly intertwined over the years. Together, they represent an approach to software development and delivery that helps organizations to quickly respond to customer demands. DevOps is a mindset that enables collaboration between the business and IT, fostering integration between software development and operations.