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Building Maintainable and Scalable Test Automation

There is an increased demand for Test Automation strategy because software teams across the globe are encouraged to fail fast, learn fast and deliver faster. Unlike the waterfall methods, software development process today starts with writing test cases for the requirements. Test Automation became an indispensable asset to fuel Continuous Integration gears. Let’s list down questions we need to ask ourselves to know if we have a good Test Automation strategy.

Top 10 Codeless Testing Tools in 2023-24

For outmaneuvering current test automation solutions, Codeless Test Automation is the next focus area for Agile and DevOps teams. The Codeless Test Automation pairs business users with testing teams to address the current challenges of test automation. As a result, testing becomes a vital part of the entire SDLC, an organization-wide function, and responsibility.

How to Develop an Agile Environment in your Organization?

All the businesses that survive and thrive have one thing in common: the ability to be nimble. A successful business is business agile - it knows when to bend, pivot and change to accommodate forces by developing an Agile Environment. Business agility is adaptive, continuous, competitive, evolutionary and innovative in nature. And this is the step towards transformation.