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The Evolution from Agile to DevOps to Continuous Delivery

The software development industry has always chosen its path of evolution by keeping its focus solely on delivering excellence to their customers if not exceed.

Micro Frontends - Extending Microservice Approach to Frontend

A friendly user interface has a lot of behind the scenes. What a user sees and experiences comes from multiple teams working to put together uncountable codes.

RPA in Banking - Mitigating Risk and Maximizing Results

Although Banking seems to go through a phase of unprecedented innovation, for most of the institutions, Online Banking is still the most widely used (sometimes the only) D

An Introduction to Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is a software development practice that is generally used by engineering teams to integrate the work they have been doing.

Guide to User Story Mapping

User Story mapping is a visual exercise carried out by team members, project managers, product teams for outstanding customer experience.

How to ensure end-to-end visibility across in Distributed DevOps

There is a constant debate around the Distributed DevOps model.

What is Contract Testing, and Why Should You Try it?

Contract testing has been around the same time as that of microservices, and there is a link between them.

How to Scale Digital Business – Spotlight on Retail

Irrespective of the industry vertical, Digital Presence is an essential for businesses especially after the life-altering pandemic.

Turn Expenditure into Asset by automating Travel and Expense Management

There had been substantial improvements in Enterprise Resource Planning over the last few years.

A Guide to DevOps

DevOps has turned into more than just development and operations working together.

RPA - What’s in store for these Business Functions?

Artificial Intelligence is taking almost every industry by storm. AI-led Digital Transformations are displaying sensational advancements.

8 ways AI can facelift Test Automation

A good Test Automation Strategy is crucial for enabling collaboration and Continuous Feedback to the team who are striving to build flawless software.

Reflection of the Year | 2020

Calling 2020 an unusual year would be a significant understatement.

A Beginner's Guide to Codeless Test Automation

The software world is moving at extremely high speed with Agile and DevOps practices. Speed and Quality are the two newest and promising players.

Digital Transformation - From Strategy to Delivery

The customer’s needs and priorities are changing. Slowly but surely the way businesses treat the customers, employees, as well as the way they work are also changing.