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Developing Framework for DevSecOps Automation

DevSecOps mindset is pivotal, as most businesses embark on their digital transformation. Security is no longer confined to one area.

Performance Engineering - An Architect's Point of View

CoWIN server crashes as thousands of Indians rush to register for COVID-19 vaccination - Business Insider

Guide to Solving Travel and Expense Management Challenges

Travel expenses represent a significant part of every organization’s budget.

Top DevOps Trends To Watch In 2022

In a world where customer choices are changing continuously, only a handful of tech companies are achieving customer delight and beating business expectations every time!

Harnessing the Power of AI in Performance Engineering

Performance engineering is the backbone of every software development company.

Top Automation Testing Tools in 2023

There’s no argument that current Testing Tools are falling short of the expectations and with the shrinking Software Delivery timelines, Automation Testing Tools are the n

4 New Year’s Resolutions for CIOs in 2022

2021 was a self-fulfilling prophecy in what we have come to realize as the Digital Age.

How to Develop a Test Automation Framework?

Organizations are jumping to Test Automation Framework to catch up with industry 4.0 advancements in technologies.

10 ways to employ AI in Test Automation Strategy

The application of AI in Test Automation seems to be the most efficient way towards Continuous Testing in agile teams.

Technology in Restaurants (QSR) – Top Trends in 2022

Relaxation of COVID Restrictions across the globe is providing an opportunity for hospitality industry to get back to normal.

DevOps Automation – 5 Areas that May Fall Prey to Over Automation

The concept of Automation sounds very exciting, modern, realistic, and even a little dramatic in its tone.

MS SQL Server profiler – Testing the Performance of a Database

High response time on a critical business transaction is always a nightmare for performance engineers.

ETL Testing: What It Is And Why It Is Important

With the rise of digitalization, data has become one of the most valued resources.

Journey towards Data Warehouse via Data Lake

The ‘journey towards Data Warehouse’ might look like a walk in the park with all the popular cloud vendors offering data infrastructure and BI capabilities.

Leveraging AI in Banking – A Guide

With the increased emphasis on AI in Banking, banking institutions are able to extract meaningful and actionable insights from raw data and leverage them to provide better