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Cloud technology has emerged as the cornerstone for digital transformation. It helped companies enable agility, spur innovation, and optimize costs.

In the highly competitive software industry, developers regularly come across situations where they have to move projects quickly.

The world has transformed drastically ever since the pandemic struck.

It is not surprising that cloud adoption has skyrocketed in the past few years.

Testing eCommerce applications became more challenging as the users and their devices are becoming more versatile.

The great competition in the banking sector is always at the top level and competition is good for consumers.

In today’s business world, things happen at lightning speed. If you can’t keep up with your competitors, then you risk losing market share to them.

The pace of change has never been this fast for Performance Engineering.

In today’s ever-changing technology landscape, minimum viable enterprise architecture is an indispensable part of your go-to-market strategy.

The banking industry is extremely vulnerable to hacks and scams; fraud detection and mitigation should be the topmost priority of the banks.

Secure access to applications from anywhere and on any device has become imperative for all businesses that aspire to expand.

The Economist report (2020) says nearly 59% of the participated bank executives believe the branch banking model will become obsolete by 2025.

Robotic Process Automation is becoming popular among businesses looking to optimize their IT costs and improve operational efficiency.

Today, important activities are still manual driven which can lead to ineffective decision making. Most of the organization run through various manual tasks which dea

Microservices Testing is a term thrown around quite often in today's fast-paced world, and it has a profound impact on the architecture of software development, as well as