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Zero Trust Architecture: What It Is And Best Practices For Implementing It

Nothing and no one can be trusted for data and privacy. A single leak can be catastrophic. Security and anonymity are of paramount importance and must be guaranteed.

Things to Consider When Developing a Financial Services Application

Make your financial app stand out with our key considerations. Here are a few insights into what you need to know before you start developing a financial services app.

Performance Testing using Docker/Container

It's a common misconception that performance testing with Docker is a lengthy and tiring process.

Succeed in Digital Transformation by Choosing Path of Least Resistance

Digital Transformation has gone past the hype and has become a standard norm. The need vs want debate is far from over and quick implementation of the Digital Tra

10 Signs of Bad IT Architecture to Avoid

How well do you know your IT Architecture - Let me put it in a different way.

Myth Buster: Are Manual Testing Jobs Going Extinct?

Every time a new technology enters our lives and advances enough to automate tasks, there is a hue and cry about humans losing their jobs to machines.

How to Calculate Cloud ROI: Numbers and Beyond

If you are on the fence about cloud migration and planning to present a business case to your board, then calculating cloud ROI can be the factor that influences your deci

How to Develop a Cloud Governance Framework That Suits Your Company

Cloud is aiding more and more companies in digital transformation and illustrating good ROI.


With the rise of new technologies and changing customer expectations, many businesses are turning to Enterprise Architecture initiatives to help them to stay ahead of thei

Digital Maturity: Definition, Benefits, And How to Get There

For companies to survive and thrive, digital transformation is imperative, and digital maturity is a complementary tool for assessing and advancing that transformation.


In today’s constantly evolving world of Information Technology, DevOps and Cloud are two powerful forces that have become increasingly intertwined over the years.

6 cloud cost management tips to stay on budget

Cloud services have proven their merit in the market, especially after the pandemic, when everything went digital.

How to Get Buy-in for RPA Investments in Your Organization?

Management guru Peter Drucker once said, “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” While the insight would be applicable to almost all

List of Infrastructure KPIs for the success of Digital Businesses

The success of any digital business relies heavily on its underlying infrastructure.

Why Do We Need A Data Strategy?

Successful data-driven businesses recognize the value of their data as a strategic asset and employ sophisticated data strategies to fully tap into its potential.