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One of the major tasks today for IT teams globally is to deliver at a speed that their customers demand while maintaining a quality that far exceeds their expectations.


There are many ways to DevOps but one thing is certain as indicated in several prior blog posts, it is a culture, a mindset change and a prescriptive approach than rather


Today, the end user landscape has evolved demanding enterprises to adapt to a frequent release cycle or fall behind to competition.


Giving customers a good online checkout experience can be the difference that beats out your competitors.


My passion for Formula 1 originates from one man named Michael Schumacher.


In a fast paced environment, it is very important to have Continuous Delivery as the theme to deliver your releases as customers demand and also with the highest levels of


Dear DevOps, How are you? I have been meaning to write to you for a while now, just to tell you how much I hate you and to tell you that you are dead to me. Why you ask?


JCPenny, Kohls, Macy’s and Sears go head to head for Web Performance