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Production Defects?! Test Fast, Increase your Brand Value

Software testing has always been crucial and has gained more importance because of the rise of continuous application delivery.

Real User Experience through Speed Index - Do Not Miss out on this!

Customer Engagement Concept. Modern Illustration. Multicolor Customer Engagement Drawn on Dark Brick Wall. Doodle Icons. Doodle Style of Customer Engagement Concept.

Poor Product Quality? AI can be your Savior

The DevOps Journey: Organizations implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices understand testing often and getting quicker feedback is key to a

Plant Quality Intelligence & Assurance Tree

Regression Testing 101: Selective retesting to detect faults introduced during modification of a system or software component, to verify that modification

Faster Innovation on Platform

A global networking company was facing many challenges with its Salesforce CRM packaged applications because of lack of a structured approach to versioning, development, b

Are the Contextual Cousins - DevOps & CI-CD in your FY17 Budget

The Holiday season is a great time for family and friends; I am spending this special time this year with my family – The Qentelli team and specially the innovation group.

Performance Engineering - The Key to Deployment Ready Builds

Ready to Ship words on a cardboard box to illustrate a product or goods that are in stock and prepared to be sent or delivered to a buyer or customer


Enterprises want to innovate at faster pace, to match expectations from end users, and to beat competition.


Security and Compliance in the world of everything “Continuous” can be frightening to most of the engineering and IT heads.


Companies are adopting DevOps at lightning speed, but they are faced with the challenges of adopting it successfully.

Unsuccessful DevOps ? Quality Intelligence Can Help

Why Organizations fail with their DevOps? Quality and Speed are the two most important outcomes of a successful DevOps journey.


The two formulae that led the physicists understand the beyond and have ruled innovations in a vast number of areas are:


The two formulae that led the physicists understand the beyond and have ruled innovations in a vast number of areas are:


Metrics is a very delicate subject at most enterprises I have worked with and within.


So, like everyone, I waited all through the off season, kept up with most updates of the NFL draft Class of 2016, trade rumors, trades, some more rumors and the preseason