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Qentelli Received Mention in the Forrester Wave™ Report for Continuous Testing space

From the beginning, Qentelli has been laser-focused in achieving business transformation through digital capabilities.

Increase and Act on your Social Media Intelligence

Over time, software development has changed the dynamics of businesses and touched up the way they serve their customers.

These people can make or break any company during Digital Transformation

Once left out of business conversations, the role of CIOs or IT leaders is shifting from delivery executives to business executives. Why?

DevOps – why should the Business fund you?

Once left out of business conversations, the role of CIOs or IT leaders is shifting from delivery executives to business executives. Why?

Leveraging AI to automate QA and testing

The technology industry is stronger and dynamic than ever, thanks to Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Google.

Why and How AI and Machine Learning Make App Development & DevOps More Efficient

AI is one such technology that can be applied to every business process, as it runs on data.

Why cloud and DevOps succeed together

Businesses are in the continuous flux of providing perpetual application performance, zero downtimes to trillions of connected devices and redesign customer interaction on

Predictions 2019: How Enterprises will change in the year ahead

Enterprises are on their path to embrace digital technologies to keep pace with the digital world.

Top 5 Benefits of Continuous Delivery for all the Stakeholders

In the world of software, Continuous Delivery is one such development practice that present benefits to all the stakeholders (Development, Operations, Testers, Busine

Intelligent Automation – The Qentelli Way Towards Test Automation

Businesses have realized that seamless digital experiences are less of a choice and more of a necessity in the world of ‘being connected’ always.

How DevOps is Driving Digital Transformation Initiatives

Companies are marching towards digital transformation with lightning pace, the reason being there’s no single business where customers don’t surf, swipe or click their way

Getting Started with DevSecOps

If you ask CIOs or even CEOs what keeps them up at night, chances are that most of them will respond with ‘Security Breaches”.

Still doing Dev & Ops? Are you on the Right DevOps Journey?

Many businesses are currently struggling to implement and effectively incorporate DevOps practices into their operations.

Qentelli - A Continuous Delivery Company!

About a year ago, we had finished off our new year 16 blog with a promise to Simplify Complex and Innovate in Software Engineering.

It is Automation, Not Automagic: Avoiding Test Automation Failures

Test Automation today has become an integral part in any QA teams’ arsenal.