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DevSecOps – Challenges at Scale

Over the past few years, we have seen organizations of every size and industry trying to adopt, scale, and mature in their DevOps practices.

Secrets of starting and running a successful DevOps Program

‘Software is eating the world’ said Marc Andreessen, a confidant of global corporate giants.

‘Say no more!’ said the leaders of businesses across industries.

Adapting the CI/CD Methodology to Your Organization

Every Organization today is embarking on a DevOps Initiative to accelerate delivery of Business value by IT.

Hard Won Lessons in Digital Transformation

One of the key actions we do regularly with each of our customers and internally is to conduct Retrospectives – to critically understand the original problem, target solut

Microservices Test Automation – Strategies and Challenges

Microservices have been gaining traction across industries and are poised to see a stronger adoption rate in the years to come.

Building Intelligent Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are one of the most popular applications of Blockchain technology.

Building the Right Team for Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

At Qentelli, we work with different clients for their Digital Transformation (DT) initiatives for creating digital and futuristic businesses.

Give eyes to your SDLC

With the ever-increasing complexity of the modern applications, it is now important to keep an eye on all aspects of the Software and Infrastructure to achieve greater agi

Edge Computing – Converging Physical Operations and Digital Businesses

Customers are obsessed about connecting everything on their devices – Be it upcoming meeting, or taking next-turn while driving or about maintaining room temperatures.&nbs


As the number and complexity of applications being deployed on the cloud grows, organizations are finding that a single cloud is not sufficient to address all of their nee

Digital Alchemy – Making your Business the gold standard

We are living in the times where a popular business existing for over two decades find a potential market threat in a 9-months-old Digital native start-up.

Data Matters - A framework to collect measurable data for DevOps

DevOps started as part of the agile movement and making great strides since then.

Reimagining Test Automation in the age of Digital Transformation

In the digital age, applications are the primary mode of consumption for nearly all products and services and brand differentiation lies in providing seamless, omnichannel

Automate Your Way to Success – The Power of All Things Automated

These days organizations are grabbing headlines about how fast they are evolving their businesses for radically changing customer behavior.

Containers and Microservices - A match made in heaven

Considering the demand for rapidity from modern applications, embracing haphazard Agile development methods won’t serve our need of the moment.