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The world is surging through a deadly pandemic, COVID19 which has opened doors to an unprecedented humanitarian and economic crisis.

The Digital Transformation Triangle

We are in "The Innovation Economy," where continuous and sustainable innovation is the new black.


The widespread disruption driven by economic, consumer and competitor forces, left no choice to the businesses but to adopt digital technologies to transform how they cond


COVID-19, an unexpected pandemic crisis hit the world hard, leaving every government and business startled. The outspread was quick across the globe.


Qentelli is known for transforming businesses – Technical, Organizational, Digital as well as Operational.


The chaos, fatalities and fight against COVID-19 have intensified across the globe.


Enterprises are advancing in their digital mandates, digitizing operations, enhancing the customer experience, and developing innovative digital business models.


CI/CD is a method to frequently deliver apps to customers by introducing automation into the stages of app development.


As global companies strive to push business transformation through digital transformation, multiple


While the future with smart technologies look exciting, yet at the backdrop companies are working with an exhaustive state-of-the-art overview to improve the performance o


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) interacts with the existing IT infrastructure with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, to automate high


“Fast, good or cheap, pick two.” This is what the “Iron Triangle,” sometimes called the “Quality Triangle,” points out.


Every engineering industry including Manufacturing are moving towards Agility to stay sustained and quickly respond to customer needs and market changes while still having


Technology is powerful than ever before, bringing new revenue streams for enterprises using them wisely.


It’s no surprise that cloud adoption continues to be on the rise with some studies showing that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the