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Influence of KPIs & Metrics on Team Dynamics and Software Productivity

using numbers as proxy

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2020 has been a year of unexpectedness. Pandemic has forced businesses to revisit their fundamentals. Investments into digital innovation have become essential for survival of businesses irrespective of their size.
Transforming Customer
Our Client - an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960, which is also the largest pizza seller worldwide in terms of sales has experienced enormous international expansion.
Legacy Platform
Software has become a key differentiator in almost all businesses. This puts question on continuing with legacy and complex platforms requiring more time to implement changes and more resources with niche and outdated skills to develop.
Decoding Successful
Digital Transformation is not just about implementing or adopting new technologies. It’s the journey of moving from current and manual business processes to Digital-first methods.
Quality Engineering
With delivery timelines shrinking from months to weeks to days, testing moved from ‘at-the-end’ practice to ‘left’ in the development lifecycle.
Digital businesses
Digital businesses are characterized by their intrinsic ability of delivering quality application and provide flawless experience to the customers whenever they demand.
Regression Testing
Software Testing procedures validate an application on technical and functional grounds. Putting the product through various tests before final deployment ensures is working the same way as it was intended and designed.