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Intelligent Automation Solutions

Very few business processes are not touched by automation. Get started on the road to improved efficiencies and optimized processes Intelligent automation connects digital process automation, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence to provide efficient and intelligent processes and align all aspects of your organization with the vision of constant process improvement, technological integration, and increasing customer value.

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What if your business could self-evolve to keep up with disruption? That is the solution that Intelligent Automation/Intelligent Testing offers! 

The word automation usually makes us think of robotic process automation (RPA), or bots performing highly repetitive tasks to create efficiencies and reduce costs. But, that’s just the start. Qentelli's Intelligent Test Automation solutions combine the agility and power of BPM, machine learning, and RPA with low-code development to achieve your business goals, deliver the best Customer Experience, and help you race past your competition


Our way to Intelligent Automation

Business Process Management

BPM is a process automation technology that includes the efficient coordination of people, systems and data. Now Orchestrate actions across users, robots, systems, and artificial intelligence with agile low-code and drag-and-drop tools for repeatable success through our Intelligent Automation Services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. Make your applications smart using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with our industry-leading solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation reduces human intervention in computer applications, especially in repetitive tasks that vary very little in each iteration. Put an end to repetitive task by Integrating legacy systems with our Robotic Process Automation Solutions and empower your workforce to deliver greater value.


The connection and integration between systems is critical for the success of a project, since each system or software has its own peculiarities. Unite and orchestrate all your enterprise data, systems and web services without writing any code.

Accelerate your Intelligent Automation

We work with leading banks, healthcare, and life sciences companies to bring in deeper domain insights and accelerators, helping enterprises derive greater value.

Automate Business Process

Every business process is a candidate for automation with intelligent automation. Save time and money by reducing human interaction, increasing processing speed, and regularizing outputs.

Strengthen Cybersecurity

Implement checks and balances to analyze networks and data structures, assess threats, and address potential security weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Enhance Customer Experience

Improve customer satisfaction by delivering faster response times, greater accuracy, and more consistent results.

Liberate Employees

With intelligent Digital Workers handling more complex tasks and complete processes, employees can focus on objectives that use their unique human skills.

Intelligent Automation Insights

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Intelligent Automation FAQ's

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation is the combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and process automation that is used to create smart business processes and workflows that think, learn, and adapt on their own. Artificial intelligence embraces things like machine learning, language recognition, and vision, while automation has been with us since the Industrial Revolution. Just as automation has progressed, so artificial intelligence has advanced, and by bringing the two together, automation achieves the advantages bestowed by intelligence. 
It can also track and automate processes and workflows, and because it’s “intelligent,” it can make decisions and learn as it goes.

What are the benefits of Intelligent Test Automation?

By applying intelligent automation within enterprise operations, companies can increase efficiencies and gain new capabilities beyond human abilities—such as processing millions of documents and applications a day, spotting and resolving issues within each, and making improvement recommendations. In addition, intelligent automation can yield unique, personalized customer interactions, leading to best-in-class customer experience and satisfaction.

How long does it take to fully automate a process?

Unlike traditional IT projects which can take up to 12–18 months and cost substantially, Intelligent Automation projects generally takes 1–3 months depending on the scale and complexity of the project. Deploying into production will depend on the length and complexity of the process and how long the process owner/customer/end user takes to complete the User Acceptance Testing.

What departments are best suited for Intelligent Automation?

Process automation can expedite back-office tasks in finance, procurement, supply chain management, accounting, customer service and human resources, including data entry, purchase order issuing, creation of online access credentials, or business processes that require “swivel-chair” access to multiple existing systems.

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