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Unleash the Magic
of Test Automation

Write robust, maintainable tests faster, gain actionable insights, and experience the magic of AI-powered Automation.

Hey, did we tell you that you don’t have to code anymore?
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Improved Release 


Faster Release


Improved Smarter


Reduced Testing 


AI-Powered Deep-Dive Analysis


autoMagiQ is powered by proprietary AI/ML models that provide failure prediction and RCA proactively. It auto-discovers test coverage gaps, provides impact analysis of the changes between the builds to improve efficiency of your team and financial insights to optimize cost.

Democratizing Automation


autoMagiQ empowers both engineers and functional experts to do more with codeless automation. Its comprehensive test management and reporting system streamlines script development and maintenance. This results in lower cost of test maintenance and efficient seamless CI/CD operations.

Your Testing Playground


autoMagiQ lets you choose a SaaS offering and real device testing labs for optimal test infrastructure utilization.Workspace provides you an opportunity to determine affected functional flows and correct data. It offers comprehensive API testing capabilities ensuring efficient testing procedures.

Behind the Build


Dive into the journey of autoMagiQ's creation.

  • Rooted in Experience: With years of expertise in enterprise digital innovation, we've championed transformative solutions for the tech industry.
  • Partners in Success: We've collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, adopting a first principles thinking approach to disrupt traditional business models.
  • Our Evolution: Learn about our commitment to innovation and how our past experiences shaped autoMagiQ, a tool that stands out in the world of test automation.

For the Non-Techies

"As someone who isn't a Quality Engineer, I was amazed at how intuitive autoMagiQ is. It feels like I've tapped into some tech magic! The application is so user-friendly that even someone with a functional background like mine can navigate with ease."


Product Owner | A Leading Aviation Services Giant

Automate the Automation: Welcome to the next level of AI-driven test automation.

  • Practical AI: Our AI isn't just theoretical. It's built to understand and adapt to your specific testing needs in real-world scenarios.
  • Beyond Traditional Testing: While many tools rely on test-trained models like GPT, autoMagiQ goes a step further. We integrate advanced autonomous testing capabilities, ensuring your tests are not only accurate but also efficient.
  • Codeless Workflows: Say goodbye to the complexities of coding. With our advanced Natural Language Processing, you can create testing workflows just by describing them. It's intuitive, fast, and user-friendly.
  • Level-0 Troubleshooting: We take the stress out of diagnosing test failures. Our system automatically identifies and corrects common issues, saving you time and ensuring your tests run smoothly.


"With autoMagiQ, our efficiency metrics soared. We saw a 65% increase in test coverage and cut our regression testing timelines by over half! On top of that, we saved 1200 manhours. Truly transformative for our QA processes."


VP – Quality Assurance | Major Financial Services Provider

Auto Healing


Rise above the challenges of flaky tests with Auto Healing. Experience robustness of autoMagiQ as your tests automatically recovering from failures without a need for manual intervention.


"The sheer volume of scenarios autoMagiQ lets us run is remarkable. From testing around 30-35 scenarios manually, we've jumped to over 100 scenarios per development release. This breadth of testing is a game-changer for our product quality."


Director – Products | Food Delivery Application


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