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Qentelli has partnered with this International power network platform for QE Transformation where we have automated their testing efforts and enabled a one-stop dashboard.

Business Vertical:

Premium Business Networking

Main Challenge:

QE Transformation



Size of the firm:




Client had a Desktop/Mobile application that was tightly integrated with multiple Legacy systems and a plethora of customizations.

Application’s Quality and Test outcomes were restricted to the expertise of the SMEs.

Environments were not utilized to their magnitude. Automated Testing was a far sight.

Client was still using physical servers to test as well as deploy changes.

Manually testing complex scenarios in an Agile development environment, especially when there are multiple releases during the week was beyond difficult.

Solutions Proposed

Some of the key Highlights of the proposed solution include

  • Automation of Smoke and Regression test suites for
    • Over 300+ scenarios for desktop and CRM application, respectively
    • Over 1200+ test cases for mobile applications
  • Automation that covers over 600 scenarios on core app and 3000+ test cases for Mobile platform
  • One stop dashboard that gives insights on the Automation status at any point in-time on-demand environments for Testing and Build promotion



What Qentelli Did

We have designed automated Regression and Smoke test suites covering critical functionality and several combinations of application settings. We have automated the Testing Roadmap that covers over 600 scenarios on the client’s core app and 3000+ test cases for their Mobile platform. We built one-stop dashboard that gives insights on the Automation status at any given point in time. Launched on-demand environments which will allow developers to spin up multiple and independent environments quickly and easily for testing and build promotion.

  1. We performed Automation Assessment and created an Automation strategy
  2. Built a custom framework for GUI and Non-GUI automation
  3. Implemented unit test automation and continuous integration
  4. Implemented service virtualization solution
  5. Enabled Build, Release and end-to-end Process automation

Tech Stack


  • aws-web
  • docker
  • dotnet
  • kafka
  • kubernetes
  • postgres
  • splunk
  • veracode


Operational cost reduced by introducing on-demand environments

Legacy defects were disclosed by the automation suite

Bugs were caught at the earlier stages in the SDLC

  • 100%

    Improvement in Test Coverage

  • ~ 90%

    Automation achieved

  • 45%

    Reduction in manual efforts within 2 months

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Digital and Cloud transformation for a global Loyalty Management Platform
Digital and Cloud transformation for a global Loyalty Management Platform