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Perfecting the Readership and Shopping Experience




The Client is a leading e-magazine with an associated Marketplace with more than 1 Million subscribers targeting women. They provide content in the areas of beauty, fashion, women's career, fitness, and finances. The marketplace was built on WordPress platform lacking human-centric design with poor information architecture and difficult-to-navigate features. Qentelli partnered with client to design web-responsive and mobile-first website. We put together an organized information architecture after several brainstorming workshops with the clients to divide content into categories and sub-categories as per the nature of content.

Solutions Proposed

Qentelli has partnered for complete revamping of website and making it receptive to Next-Generation advertising solutions and readership experience.

Some of the key elements of the solution are 

  • Omni-channel User Experience: Implemented Multi-dimensional strategies to ensure that every interaction a user has, while using the platform across channels.
  • Modern Architecture: Modern architecture for the current website making it receptive for Nextgen capabilities, light weighed for better SEO and performance.
  • Digital Content Management: We Strategized, planned, developed, and managed content based on customer search to increase engagement.
  • Chatbot: Chatbot is integrated to make shopping convenient and help customers resolve their queries quickly.



What Qentelli Did

Qentelli started this exercise by analysing existing website while building defined User-Personas. We chose 3-step approach for revamping the platform for better Customer Experience.


We analyzed the existing Platform with key people on various aspects of User Interface, User Experience, Marketing and Customer Service, Analytics and Performance, Security, and Scalability, and came up with a detailed Gap Analysis.


With Design Thinking as the base, we provided recommendations on areas of Personalized User Journeys, Content Insights and Content propagation, UI/UX Optimization, and Chatbots. We worked closely with the client to build a revamping strategy based on the recommendations.

  • The implementation started off with the development of a responsive design for Mobile/Web, Reusable, UI Guide, and a Toolkit.
  • We created Modern Architecture by leveraging Cloud, DevOps, and AI.
  • We integrated website with external content sharing platforms such as YouTube.
  • The website is further integrated with leading Ad-platforms like Google Ads, Bing SEO Analyzer, Multiple payment gateways to marketplace, multiple WordPress plugins.
  • Multiple payment gateways are integrated to provide seamless shopping experience.
  • Other customer-centric features implemented are Smart Read, One Click Shopping, Global Search, Chatbot, Tagging, Personalization, and Security.


Tech Stack

  • wordpress
  • aws-web
  • angular
  • aws-chatbot-ai
  • node-js


  • 80%

    Increase in Customer Visits

  • 30%

    Increase in New Subscriptions

  • 200%

    Increase in Mobile 
    and Tablet Visits

  • Increase

    in self-service of tickets
    by using Chatbot

  • 200%

    increase in Marketplace
    listings and Sales

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Perfecting the Readership and Shopping Experience