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Revolutionizing the Testing Landscape for Enhanced Software Delivery


With a robust workforce of 450 employees, our client helps logistics players handle efficient movement of goods across diverse sea and land routes through their software. However, the dynamic nature of the cargo industry, compounded by the need for constant software updates and feature rollouts, placed immense pressure on their software delivery capabilities.

Moreover, the diversity of devices used by their personnel, ranging from handheld gadgets for drivers to desktops in the office, presented significant hurdles in ensuring uniform software performance. Recognizing the need for a sophisticated solution, they sought our expertise to enhance their software testing process focussing on regression and performance testing, device compatibility, and performance under varying operational conditions.

Business Vertical:

Cargo and Freight Software Company



Size of the firm:

450 employees

Main Challenge:

Performance Testing under
various conditions

aI-powered demand-driven-proactive-alerts-to-reduce-stockout-challenge


  • Keeping up with Software Delivery Demands: The cargo industry is dynamic, requiring frequent updates and new features in software. This creates a constant pressure to deliver quality software quickly.
  • Diverse Device Testing: Operators use a variety of devices, from handheld gadgets for drivers to desktops for office staff. This diversity spans different operating systems, versions, and device models, making comprehensive testing complex.
  • Performance Testing Under Various Conditions: It's crucial to ensure the application performs reliably in all scenarios, including lower bandwidth environments and across different devices. This challenge involves simulating real-world conditions to test the software's resilience and efficiency
  • Usage of Selenium C# for Testing: Limited their ability to scale and to keep up with the release demands of their customers without breaking the code.

Solutions Proposed


  • Developed a Superior Performance Testing Suite: This suite was tailored to simulate various operational conditions, ensuring the software's reliability and efficiency.
  • Incorporated an Inbuilt Device Lab: To address the challenge of testing across multiple devices, an inbuilt device lab was set up. This lab included a range of devices and configurations to mimic the real-world usage by different operators.
  • Utilized Synthetic Data: To ensure thorough testing without compromising sensitive data, synthetic data resembling real operational data was employed. This allowed for a realistic testing environment.

aI-powered demand-driven-proactive-alerts-to-reduce-stockout-solution

Our Impact

The implementation of the autoMagiQ has transformed the software delivery process company. The tool not only streamlined testing across diverse devices and conditions but also improved the overall software quality. This has led to improved client satisfaction and a stronger market position for the company. Additionally, the quicker time to market for new features and updates has allowed the company to respond rapidly to industry changes and customer demands.

  • Significant Reduction in Testing Efforts: The automation and comprehensive testing suite drastically cut down the time and effort needed for testing. This was achieved without compromising on the quality and thoroughness of the tests.
  • Standardization of Tests: The automation tool helped in creating a standardized testing protocol. This uniformity ensures consistency in testing, regardless of who is conducting it or on which device.
  • Quicker Time to Market: With efficient testing processes, the software could be updated and released faster. This agility is crucial in the cargo industry to stay competitive and responsive to market needs.


  • 40%

    Time to Market

  • 50%

    Reduction in 
    Testing Efforts

  • 70%

    Test Coverage

  • 60%

    Enhancement in 
    Software Performance

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