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Health & Fitness Enterprise gets a QA makeover


Working with a US-based virtual Health and Fitness giant to reorganize their QA efforts across all their platforms and applications

Business Vertical:

Lifestyle eCommerce

Main Challenge:

Uplifting and Streamlining QA efforts



Size of the firm:

Health & Fitness platform with over 3 million subscribers



The client is an America-based yet globally operating leading Digital Health and Fitness conglomerate that owns three e-commerce applications catering to fitness and lifestyle. Qentelli partnered with the client to provide an end-to-end QA solution for validating all their applications, leaving no stone unturned.

Solutions Proposed

Qentelli performed a detailed assessment of the current state of the client’s QA systems. The review helped us understand that all the client’s applications are built using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), thus require different approaches and strategies for efficient Quality Assurance. Qentelli proposed a Quality Assurance Framework that focued on Usefulness, Performance, Reliability, and Privacy of the given applications. These are the core objectives of this project.

  • Enable & implement robust QA Processes
  • Enhance automation coverage for smoke, regression, and end-to-end Test cases
  • 24x7 QA Support (Onsite & Offshore)
  • Ramp-up QA resources during the surge
  • Cross Browser and Multi-locale testing on desktop & mobile devices
  • QA Metrics Report for all applications


What Qentelli Did

Enhanced Application Testing

According to the proposed integrated QA Framework, each application will be put through a Continuous Testing environment that involves the strategic implementation of the following testing methodologies.

  • Functional Testing
  • System & Integration testing
  • Data Validation
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Test Automation

Enhanced Application Testing

The client’s applications are global multi-lingual, and it is important to test the applications from various Virtual Machines (VM) and OS with native language settings. We have localized the UI, web content, and hardware capabilities with various combinations of browsers and platforms for optimum results. The experience of working with massive multi-lingual applications in the past helped us pick the right tools to localize the application yet automate the testing efforts at the same time.

24X7 Support

In addition to QA transformation, we also assembled a round-the-clock QA team for the client which consists of an Onsite team and an Offshore support team that works under the guidance of a dedicated Project Manager. The Onsite team is responsible for distributing requirements document, developing the testing strategy, and providing instructions for the Test implementation. The Offshore team focuses on documenting the Test cases, preparing Test data, and creating Test reports.

Quality Intelligence

Qentelli established databases to acquire all the Test data and applied algorithms to measure and analyze the results.

Tech Stack

  • confluence
  • cucumber
  • dynamodb
  • grafana
  • jenkins
  • jira
  • oracle-e-business-suite
  • sap-business-bydesign
  • selenium
  • test-ng
  • testrail
  • broswer-stack


  • A holistic view of QA automation execution and failure analysis in Grafana
  • QA Metrics Dashboard for each release & application
  • Created framework to support multiple locales (English-USA, Spanish-USA, English-Canada, French-Canada, English-UK, etc.)


  • 30%

    decrease in QA efforts

  • 85%

    of Test cases 
    are automated

  • 25%

    decrease in Release 
    Implementation Schedule

  • 100%

    decrease in wait time 
    for Build Deployments

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Health & Fitness Enterprise gets a QA makeover
Health & Fitness Enterprise gets a QA makeover