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Fueling Global EX Program with smart TEM System


Qentelli’s partnership with an Asia-Pacific development bank is focused on transforming the bank’s manual and legacy expense management processes and implementing a tailored SAP solution infused with Automation.

Business Vertical:

Multilateral Development Bank

Main Challenge:

Employee Experience (EX)




Size of the firm:

One of the large development banks
in Asia-Pacific region with over 65
countries as members



The client is a regional development bank active in 68 countries with over 3000 staff worldwide. The 50+ year-old bank was struggling with their legacy systems especially those of Resource, Travel, and Expense Management. Here are some of the challenges we noticed:

  • Unconnected systems and data with most of the processes being held manual
  • 16-year-old ERP system with unfriendly User Interface leading to dissatisfaction of the field force in all missions and office locations
  • Lack of travel budget control and tracking
  • Lengthy and redundant travel request & expense claim approval processes
  • None of the operational or administrative processes are automated
  • No mobility features for the field force
  • No ability to auto-enforce the Travel & Expense policies


Solutions Proposed

A considerable portion of client’s workforce travels across the globe. Post process assessment, we realized that they need a customized yet standardized TEM template with Global Multi-Country model to back the organization’s world-wide operations.


What Qentelli Did

With an objective to improve and foster the Employee Experience (EX) as part of a global EX Transformation program, we worked with the client to procure SAP Concur as their preferred digital cloud solution. The project management team handpicked the Concur modules and extended products for the solution customization to make the implementation more efficient.

Qentelli’s part in this engagement involved managing the end-to-end global Intelligent Spend Transformation and Concur Deployment Program under a big-bang go-live approach across 44 countries (47 office locations), encompassing:

  • Global Template Design
  • Concur Configuration Design and Build
  • Virtual Card Feed Implementation
  • Design and Build integration between Concur and Oracle via API/web Services
  • UAT and Integration Testing
  • Setting up Adoption and Change Management
  • Cutover and Cognos custom report development
  • 3 months of post go-live Hypercare

It was 16-month global blueprint/template + rollout program that started in November 2020, yielding great results for the client. Some of the key value propositions anticipated through this implementation are:

  • Harmonized Global Process Template applicable to 44 countries
  • Additional Benefits like lead time savings, elimination of redundant approvals, consolidation, and harmonization of automated policy rules in the Concur solution, close to real-time event-based integration from and to Concur, and more powerful reporting capabilities out of Cognos are already anticipated
  • Creating a single source of travel data and creating customizable dashboards to improve visibility, strengthen data quality, and take informed decisions.


Tech Stack

  • sap-concur-expense
  • expenseIt
  • request-Add-on
  • central-Reconciliation
  • api-webservices
  • budget-add-on


  • 50%

    Shortened reimbursement cycles

  • 20% - 23%

    Travel and Expense savings

  • 98%

    Policy adherence

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Fueling Global EX Program with smart TEM System
Fueling Global EX Program with smart TEM System