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Automating testing efforts of a large accounting organization


After a detailed analysis of current state of the client’s applications and modules, we have come to a conclusion that ‘Automation’ is what we need here.

Business Vertical:

Finance and Consulting

Main Challenge:

Mobile Test Automation



Size of the firm:




Customer has extensive usage of SAP Modules and the Fiori Apps that use SAP UI5 as UI Technology, which led to:

  • No standard HTML controls
  • Contains multiple technologies (SAPUI5, WebDynPro, etc.)
  • Massive amount of data and elements on every single page
  • Highly dynamic IDs for Objects
  • No automation practice in place and manual testing was redundant and time consuming
  • Same test cases being verified across 100+ countries on multitude of mobile applications causing manual errors


Solutions Proposed

Qentelli have partnered for SAP Fiori Mobile Test Automation where we have leveraged Tricentis TOSCA for the Test Automation which helped with:

  • Model-based testing by scanning UI screens for SAP Fiori Tests
  • Creation of test cases that were readable and required no scripting knowledge
  • Distributed execution of the same test cases on plethora of mobile devices, desktops, and browsers
  • Automate the execution across multiple countries on distributed mobile systems which helped accelerated test execution speed
  • Spinning test environments on SauceLabs for various mobile versions




What Qentelli Did

Our experts started with using the SAP system that was in scope of the mobile test automation was for timesheets and expenses which had plethora of customizations per country. This was later used by all internal employees across the globe.

  1. We built a customized C# code to store all the captured screenshots during Test Automation into a PDF which was embedded in TOSCA
  2. We used test data service which is one of the key features in TOSCA with which we were able to execute a single test case that can be used across 100 countries with their respective data and obtain corresponding reports which enabled less maintenance
  3. As the client needed identifying objects on every single page of the Fiori App, we have enabled scanning of the screens using TOSCA which creates models for each object automatically
  4. Enabled to set wait times when designing a Test Case to handle the lazy loads so it will not obstruct the automation initiative
  5. We have re-scanned the UI elements to automatically find the modified/new elements which in turn updated the modules and the test cases dynamically


Tech Stack

  • appium
  • mobe
  • ranorex
  • worksoft


Distributed Execution

enabled reduction in Testing time within a Sprint

Reusability of scripts

enabled multiple Test Cycles within the Sprint

Reduction in operational cost

Introduced on-demand Test environments using SauceLabs

Achieved faster feedback

improved time to market, re-usability of automated test cases and accelerated results

  • 50%

    Lesser time spent on
    obtaining Test data

  • 10 times

    Improvement in QA cycles

  • 90%

    Test Automation

  • 5 times

    Faster test execution

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Automating testing efforts of a large accounting organization
Automating testing efforts of a large accounting organization