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Passion and Digital are our DNA.
Are they yours too?

One thing that kept us going across the forming, storming, norming, and performing phases of business is our culture. A culture that is welcoming, a culture that helps you be – well, YOU! Our culture not just encourages you to fail fast, but we all join hands to ensure you fightback and learn faster. We celebrate the fails as well as celebrate the wins! Our culture not just emphasizes on innovation but provides you the mindshare to innovate and further, rewards innovation. Finally, our culture teaches us that disagreements are good, in fact they are needed. Workplace silos? Pass… the culture keeps us together as a family.

We Put People First

We put people over processes. We encourage full ownership, accountability, responsibility and foster open and honest communication. We encourage Qentellect to share ideas and feedback that can make us better every day.
Hear what our Qentellects say

If that resonates, you should be one of us. 
We are hiring for:

Angular lead / Architech

This is a senior level position, who can design an entire application on their own ...


8 -12 Years of experience in Test Automation using Java or Python...

Mobile Automation

6 - 8 years of experience in Web UI Automation using Selenium, Java,…

API Automation

Overall, 7+ years of automation experience. Strong hands-on experience of designing…


Life at Qentelli

When we started Qentelli in 2015, we wanted to build more than an end-to-end engineering company. We wanted to build a tech tribe. A place where people join as an individual, but where they feel an integral part of greater mission. A place where we not only include their passion for technology but provide them with better sense of personal fulfilment through an all-inclusive growth.

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Meet our fellow Qentellects

Rashi Srivastava

Executive Vice President

Jennifer Innes

VP - HR & Operations

Leena Garbham

Associate Director IT

Gazala Anjum

Software Engineer

Sathiyakala Nagaraj

Senior Lead, Software Engineer

Krishna Priya

DevOps Engineer

A Glimpse into Q-Culture

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